About us

Our Family

We are the Bliss Family, New World Spiritual Teachers & Self-Realised Bliss-Beings, who have worked out – and are living – a Miracle-Formula for Evolving into your Dream-Life, as your Best-Future-Selves, in your Unique Paradise-on-Earth.

We Welcome you to Create and Experience Your Own Personalised, Bespoke Bliss-Day with our Family, Lara Bliss Violet, Leão Bliss Cristo, Light Bliss Fraser (Chihuahua Puppy) & Amor Bliss Catalyst (Balinese Kitten), at our Heavenly-Jungle Tulum-Mexico Home, Bliss-Eden (BE).
Having found our Bliss-Keys, we now Open our Hearts, “Avatar-esqe” Home, & Inspired “Lemurian-LifeStyle”, to Activate, Awaken, Catalyse, Heal, Teach, Train, and Guide Souls who want to BE their BestSelves and Create their Own Paradise-Reality NOW – Awakening, Healing, Expanding and Evolving; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually.

All this is Possible and So Much More!!!

Our mission

Lara & Leão

As Destined Twin-Flames & Physically Incarnate Embodiments of Christ Consciousness, we have Activated our Royal Lyran Starseed Feline DNA and are now CATalysts to the Divine Remembering in Other Souls (Who They Truly Are and Their Destined Life Purpose) and Catalysts to Creating Heaven on Earth: the Global & Collective Ascension Process.

As Energetic Bliss-Keys, we have incarnated in this Uniquely Auspicious Era, to Anchor the Emotion-of-Bliss, the Key-to-Ascension, as Self-Realised Bliss-Beings, and to Activate the Bliss-Keys in Other Souls.


The emotion of Bliss is the “Cheat-Code” (Fibonacci-Sequence Equation & Frequency) for Accelerated Growth and Happiness.

Bliss is Our Truest-Source-Essence.

Leão Cristo

Bliss Family, Father

“Your BLISS is the KEY to Your DESTINY”

Lara Violet

Bliss Family, Mother

“I am my INFINITY. You can be your INFINITY too!”

Amor Bliss


Light Bliss


Joy is the new teacher!


Carretera Tulum Coba Km 16,5
Tulum, Q.R.OO – Mexico 77796


+54 984 182 8964