Mission. Vision. Approach.


  1. MISSION: Our Mission is to Catalyse-&-Create Heaven-on-New-Earth, 5D-Gaia.
  2. PURPOSE: You WIN the Game-of-Life’s Gold Medal: Awakening Spiritually & Living Your TRUE Purpose.
  3. ASCENSION: We are FULLY committed to Global Expansion of Consciousness at this Auspicious Time, the Age of Ascension.

Lara & Leão

We, Lara & Leão, have created a pioneering approach to accelerated spiritual transformation based on our own direct experience and application of revolutionary multidimensional teachings.

Brazilian and Scottish respectively, we officially founded Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Center (originally LoveLight CommUnity) in October 2021 in Tulum, Mexico, having met only seven months earlier in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Following much past life remembering, we rekindled our multi-incarnational twin-flame consciousness romantic bond and continued forward in divine union, aligned with our pre-incarnate soul blueprints.

The soul evolution afforded us by harnessing the transformative power of the catalytic twin-flame relationship led to the creation of Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Center.


Our mission is to help create heaven on New Earth, Gaia, by building and inspiring a comm-Unity focussed on embodying our true Source essence of unity consciousness. 

We aim to propel the global expansion of consciousness in full alignment with humanity’s, and the planet’s, ongoing shift in consciousness.

We help people remember their divine truth, who they are and why they are here, the coveted Gold Medal in the “game of life”.


A fundamental part of our approach is proclaiming and explaining that joy is the new teacher!

Furthermore, we aim to create a conscious commUnity where we share our experience and sources of higher multidimensional truth. We are here to inspire and help other souls realise and remember that they are their own guru and master, no one knows what is better for them than themselves.

We encourage following your intuition above all else as various combinations of teachings and techniques will resonate with different people. The only opinion you should ever take as gospel is your very own Inner-Tutor, your In-Tuition, You. Infinite continuous Trust in yourSelf is the key here.

For those Indigo Warriors and souls who value analytical processing on their path, we would point you to the modern sacred texts and divine reading list.


For the romantic souls among you – the lovers, heart-breakers, and heart-achers – we would point you towards the enormously transformational potential of the twin-flame consciousness relationship.

We have the most accelerated and advanced techniques on the planet for twin-flame manifestation and soul-mate past life healing.

Twin-Flame guidance and teaching is available on the retreats, and we will be working on our Super-Dooper Twin-Flame Mastery and Love Manifestation course and training.

Bliss Ayahuasca Retreats

For the adventurous amongst you, we would point you towards the pioneering approach to divine remembering and future self-embodiment through the Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method laid out in this text, or apply the same principles in our psilocybin mushrooms, bufo and san pedro retreats.

Spiritual Evolution Pioneers

For a ready and committed soul, our trailblazing teachings, and techniques, are currently among the most direct and effective methods on the planet for rapidly remembering divine truth and progressing on the path of ascension (also known as the journey of human evolution, spiritual evolution, self-love, light-body activation, liberation & enlightenment).

We are here to serve others in remembering their divine self and purpose in any way we can. Catalysing, channelling, teaching, guiding, we are eternally open and flexible to support souls in whatever unique way is most effective for them.


Our vision is Heaven on New Earth, Paradise on Gaia. 

This can only happen on a grass root, bottom-up basis, with more and more individual souls choosing truth, love, and light for themselves, consciously choosing to walk the path of their personal ascension.

Over time this will build and at certain points there will be huge shifts when many millions of souls make this choice during a short time period.

New Library of Alexandria

We have been spiritually guided to create our best version of The New Library of Alexandria: a digital archive and connected commUnity of higher multidimensional Truth.

So far this includes all the Modern Multidimensional Sacred Texts, our Ayahuasca Retreat Blog, published book, YouTube channel, and trailblazing retreat offerings. At some point we will also be creating digital courses for all things Twin Flames, dispelling myths, distilling truth.

This is only the beginning of our creation and sharing, and it is our eternal privilege and honour to serve you beautiful souls in line with our path of destiny. 

At all times we are devotedly and unwaveringly committed to lovingly supporting all souls that cross our path that are ready to make the choice self-love. We know the level of trust, resolve and courage it takes, and we know that by sharing our love, light and truth, we will make the process substantially more Bliss-Full and Joyous for all souls we touch.

Thank YOU, Beloveds!

Infinite Love, Light & Blessings,

Lara & Leão