“Your BLISS is the KEY to Your DESTINY”
Leão Bliss Cristo

Born on 1st January 1986 in the Highlands of Scotland, throughout his young-adult life, Peter Fraser Masson was the “life-and-soul” of every fiesta…..”Party-Pete” was well-known as an effervescent “Party-Animal”, London financier, and adventurous traveller, visiting over 80 countries by his early 30’s. Though despite his fun, affable, and adventurous nature, Peter’s unconscious, unintegrated shadow-trauma inevitably found it’s vibrational match in the trappings of the consensus reality, leading him into many problems with sex, alcohol, and substance addictions…..amongst much else!

Following a 4-year “Rapid-Rocket-Ride-Rise” after Peter’s first Spiritual Awakening (before which, he’d had a 0% focus on – or understanding of – anything “spiritual”!) on 11th April 2021, the True Energetic Day of Easter


,on the “Magic Island” of Florianopolis, Brazil, Peter was Divinely Anointed by Buddhiac Consciousness, on his Destined ReBirth-Day, as & into, his True, Higher-Self: Leão Bliss Cristo. As such, Peter was born Scottish & British, as Leão was ReBorn Brazilian.

Having had his Royal Lyran Starseed Feline DNA activated by a Black Cat (see link to video below) on his ReBirth Day, Leão is now a CATalyst to the Divine Remembering in Others: Who They Truly Are and Their Destined Life Purpose.

As a Self-Realised & EmBodied Bliss-Being, Leão’s Principal Mission as the “Lion Christ” is to CATalyse Heaven on Earth: the Global & Collective Ascension Process. In an ayahuasca Guest review, Aleanna explains her experience of Leão supportively “channelling” Christ consciousness:

This article is a summary of the key experiences which have expanded my consciousness on my spiritual path. These lead interconnectedly onto my considered areas of expertise in which I am best able to serve others. I will soon be writing a more detailed account of my experiences and transformation.

Fasting Miracle

In Summer 2021, having received a ‘Gift from the Divine’ at the end of an eleven day solo dark meditation retreat, I began a dry fast (no food, liquids or water) which lasted one month. After three weeks, my weight stabilized and my energy began to improve as I was able to increase my cellular capacity for metabolising light as my sole energy source. Although considering living like this permanently, it became clear that this was something for my future, rather than the present.

In 2022 I plan to set a new Guinness world record (current is 18 days) for living with no food or water take during a medically supervised film documentary. My intention behind this is two fold:

1) This is a natural part of my destined spiritual evolution path which I would continue with irrespective of anything else.

2) This will help break down societal myths and false belief systems within the collective consciousness that we need food or water to live and that we are mortal physical beings, and open people to the truth that we are eternal multidimensional beings.

As crazy as it sounds – “Truth is stranger than fiction” Mark Twain – we have the opportunity to choose immortality in this incarnation. The choosing of the path of the eater-of-light is in no way necessary for spiritual seekers to ascend and enlighten, it all depends on what makes your heart sing, your soul configuration and pre-incarnate soul blueprint.

Considering the current frequency of the planet, a high level of light quotient is necessary to live like this permanently, with only a small number of souls choosing to do so. My inspiration for this part of my path is the remarkable and massively inspiring fellow Celt, Irish-born, Sophia Waapti Ra.

As a wayshower and explorer of human possibility and consciousness, in the not-too-distant future it will be aligned for me to live without food and water permanently.

Twin Flame Relationships

This relationship is one of the greatest catalysts for spiritual growth that exists in our reality. It is often romantic, though not always. Including the initial spark which catalysed me on my spiritual path in Spring 2017, I have had five twin flame bonds in four years – four of which romantic – which catapulted my spiritual expansion exponentially.

With Lara, we have been able to heal our past life blockages and trauma with each other – the true seed points and root causes of all relationship disharmony – using our pioneering ayahuasca approach. We will share more information on this and our trailblazing retreat for couples healing and singles love manifestation soon.

Global Lightworker

I was spiritually guided to join a team of lightworkers and visit some of the world’s most sacred and spiritual sites to perform light-work in support of the planet’s ascension process.

Experiences included privately renting the Great Pyramid during the 2019 winter solstice portal and simultaneously aligning the Earth’s throat chakra, being the Giza Plateau; aligning and working on Gaia’s crown chakra in Pokhara, Nepal, and her heart and third eye chakra, in Glastonbury, UK.

We also performed spiritually guided energetic missions to the sacred Ganges town of Rishikesh in North India, and Angkor Wat in Cambodia.


In the first year of my spiritual awakening, I was blessed to be guided towards the most direct, advanced and detailed spiritual teachings on the planet: the Modern Sacred Texts of our time.

Having studied these texts, many for as long as they have been available, in conjunction with my own ascension and enlightenment experience, my level of comprehension is such that I am able to confidently teach others with clarity.

The process of spiritual evolution, ascension & enlightenment, s well as the the true multidimensional nature of reality, are my areas of expertise as a spiritual teacher.

Ayahuasca Healer

In acting as a mirror and amplifier, ayahuasca also reflects and magnifies our unconscious shadow side, so that we may see it, accept it, love it, and integrate it as part of the “game of life”.

As previously mentioned, my relentless approach to spiritual transformation has resulted in processing, or integrating, all of my individualised past life shadow trauma, akin to one’s accumulated negative karma at point of incarnation, in a relatively short-period amount of time. The key acceleratory components were ayahuasca, dry fasting, twin flame union – spiritual growth through, usually, romantic relationships – the modern sacred texts and embodying the joy is the new teacher spiritual catalyst approach.

Having reached the stage in my lightbody evolution where I had integrated all of my individualised unconscious shadow aspects, I became able to clearly see the unconscious shadow aspects of others working and creating through them.

This is essentially a latent multidimensional, or psychic, ability, or “light-sight”, being unlocked as my consciousness reached a new state of energetic awareness.

The first time I experienced this higher frequency “light-sight” was also my first full-flow enlightenment cat experience, when my other latent multidimensional abilities as catalyst and channel were activated.

The most profound times I have energetically seen, felt and understood this process, have been when observing the shadow aspects of ayahuasca shamans working through them during ceremony.

The plant DMT mirrors and amplifies my multidimensional abilities as well as the unconscious shadow aspects working through the shaman.

After the initial fun experience of a new “super-power”, consciously feeling a shaman’s shadow trauma projecting onto you as a group ayahuasca ceremony participant, is no picnic. Furthermore, the shaman, nor any other ceremony participants, have any conscious awareness or understanding of what is happening.

After repeatedly experiencing the projection of shaman’s shadows during group ceremony, I realised this was the sign to follow a new direction. From then on, I started holding ceremonies myself and began my destined path as an ayahuasca guide. I then began to understand how I was being “used”  as an energetic channel and conduit during ceremonies.

Now when I drink ayahuasca, I no longer experience individualised shadow integration, instead all my bodies, physical and energy, are used to integrate the shadow trauma of the participants in ceremony, or I energetically connect to, and heal aspects of, the collective consciousness trauma.

As a spiritual teacher for the new era, rather than having an energetically absorptive shadow which is projected onto participants, I channel and radiate Christ consciousness, Source love & light energy through my open heart, which accelerates the healing process of the participants, rather than adding negative karmic entanglement.

In this way, I directly help heal the deepest and most painful traumas that others are encoded with. My understanding, feeling and experience of this process is best described by this channelling:

“You are going through the energetic of pure surrender and service as pure sacrifice. True sacrifice is the purest act of compassion and unconditional love for you are giving of yourself to another because you love other as self. We call this sacrificial surrender ‘the emerald codex’.

The contrasting levels of shadow trauma integration between myself and other ayahuasca guides is one of the greatest factors contributing to a different ceremonial experience for participants.

My insights are purely based on my direct awareness and experience and are in no way is intended to reflect negatively on traditional shamans. The work they do is phenomenal, I would not be here without them, and they have my untold respect, gratitude, and appreciation. All souls’ higher selves sign them up ahead of time for the experience that is in line with their highest and best good.

I aim to contribute an expanded analysis of the functioning and energetic interplay between ayahuasca and ceremony participants.

If a ceremony guide had awareness of this multidimensional energetic interplay, they could use their divine will and intention to minimise shadow projection during the experience. Reading and integration of the modern sacred texts would vastly help this process.

  • My higher self choosing this in line with my destined path.
  • The Nine channellings from The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame, channelled and written by Magenta Pixie.
  • If a shaman genuinely wanted to follow this path, this intention would activate their dormant shadow, allowing them the opportunity for further integration. However, due to the nature of fixed belief systems, and becoming “stuck in one’s ways”, only very open minded and hearted shamans would consider a completely new approach to ayahuasca ceremony.

Catalyst, Conduit & Channel

All cats and felines are CAT-alysts to divine remembering.

After four years of soul searching and truth seeking, my first experience of full-flow enlightenment[1] was triggered by an enlightened master in the form of a black cat. Hours after the event, I was guided to this video which helped me unpack, understand and integrate what had taken place.

The catalytic presence of the black cat, and the awakening experience itself, activated my own, previously dormant, strands of catalyst quantum DNA.

My energetic signature is now a strong catalyst, trigger and spark to others’ divine remembering which I experience frequently, though most strongly during ayahuasca ceremony, which works in tandem with my other energetic abilities explained in the next section.

Subsequently to my experience, my new energetic configuration activated my twin flame and LoveLight co-founder, Lara, where her divine remembering allowed healing of all past incarnational trauma blockages between us, and Lara’s latent DNA memory encoding as a catalyst herself were activated. We now hold an effective masculine, feminine catalysing energetic balance when working with other souls for divine remembering.

For a soul who is ready for the next level of their spiritual journey, being in the presence of our energy, physically, digitally, or intentionally, will catalyse and trigger them forwards by creating energetic movement, momentum, and flow in their matrix fields.

Our channelling ability allows us to connect with higher aspects of ourselves and download multidimensional knowledge and wisdom, in line with our mission to best serve other souls and the planet in their ascension process, such as writing this book.

Contrary to widespread belief, enlightenment is not a static or watermarked level of consciousness, which when one surpasses, they join the club of enlightened bliss forever more. It is a fluid state of energetic flow, where the high-love-frequencies of Source consciousness flow through and merge with one’s own matrix energy fields.