Leão Cristo: Ayahuasca Retreat Pioneer (Tulum, Mexico) [Updated 2022]

Scottish Highlander Born and Bred

Born in the Highlands of Scotland on 1st January 1986, I had a lust for experiencing all that life had to offer, though the trappings of our modern civilisation led my unconscious aspects astray.

During my upbringing, my family’s spiritual beliefs included atheism, agnosticism, and varying degrees of Christianity.

Their general lack of interest, clarity, and confidence in these matters filtered through to me, and I also took no interest in anything “spiritual”.

As such –like others – I looked for meaning and purpose here, in the physical, externally, outside of myself.

Extreme Escapism: Run Away to 80+ Countries

By 32 I’d travelled to over 80 countries for “fun”, which meant any escape from the toxic, traumatic, unconscious life of a prison I had created for myself.

I forever resented my London career as a Finance Professional, though quickly became addicted and indebted to the extravagant lifestyle that it afforded.

Celebrated by others as the “life-&-soul” of the party, I strongly identified with this role, which led me into many problems with sex, alcohol, and substance addictions.

My life changed direction after a romantic relationship with my first Twin-Flame Spiritual Catalyst in Spring 2017.

I shifted from having 0% focus on spirituality, to 100%.

Realising that all the answers I wanted were inside of me, I began to work on myself relentlessly in an effort to remember divine truth, embody my true-Self and live my dream life.

25 Day Dry Fast Miracle

This pursuit of truth led me on an extremely difficult path, testing me oftentimes beyond measure.

Through many cumulative months of periodic dry fasting, I was able to live for one month with no food, water, or liquids, to the point where my weight stabilised, and I could have continued living like this indefinitely.

I began drinking water again on the 26th day and started eating on the 30th day.. There are a number of humans living permanently like this (seven according to Breatharian World – https://www.breatharianworld.com/en/category/breatharians/levels/level-4/ – and undoubtedly others not in the public eye. I had previously been guided by Victor Truviano and was inspired to pursue this path by my fellow Celt, Sophia Waapiti Ra after watching her amazing video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-t_oK31Je8 ).

As the current Guinness world record for a dry fast is 18 days (a prisoner forgotten in a cell, so not medically supervised), at some point in the next 5 years I plan to make a documentary of the longest ever medically supervised dry fast, where I will prove publicly that it is possible to survive and thrive indefinitely with no water, liquids, or food.

I discovered that this very pure type of fast, is the fastest way to purity. By purity, I mean the level of self-love and light one metaphysically molecularly embodies at the matter and anti-matter level, that being the level of their shadow-side they have integrated and brought into the light of their consciousness.

Truth Trailblazer

My relentless approach to spiritual transformation has resulted in processing, or integrating, all of my past life shadow trauma, akin to one’s negative karma, in a relatively short-period amount of time.

The key acceleratory components of this have been ayahuasca retreats, dry fasting, twin flame union – spiritual growth through, usually, romantic relationships – the modern sacred texts and embodying the joy is the new teacher spiritual catalyst approach.

Brutal Bone Breaking Exorcism

Along the way, I was brutally “exorcised” during an ayahuasca retreat, which included clean-breaking the largest bone in my hand and spending years afterwards scared of “demons”. This was the most traumatizing and catalysing experience of my lifetime.

This set in motion an inner resolve, that no-one else should suffer so greatly in their search for love, light and truth, which has now crystallised in physical form through the revolutionary teachings and Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method, outlined in this text

Only with the astounding guidance received from countless physical and non-physical beings over years, in conjunction with my single-minded focus on self-experience, have I come to realise, understand, and embody a paradigm shattering truth:

Love Your Demons = Heal Unconscious Trauma

All so-called “demons” or “vampiric beings” that we experience are, in fact, aspects of our own unconscious, they are our repressed “shadow-side”.

Rejecting them keeps them unprocessed in our fields, loving them transforms them into light and catapults us forward on our spiritual paths.

This is not only grossly misunderstood in almost all spiritual communities; understanding this experientially, is a paramount pre-requisite to spiritual evolution: the reason we all chose to incarnate here!

Our book and blog explain many other higher-dimensional truths which debunk myths and misunderstandings of the spiritual path, with a specific focus on ayahuasca retreats.

Such experiences of exorcisms and extreme fasting have been arduous to say the least. It has taken me considerable time to understand the reason behind my relentless pursuit of truth, and my willingness to do whatever it takes.

Capricorn Destiny

As a Capricorn, I was literally born into it, the Capricorn, or mountain goat, being able to ascend the perilous path that others cannot: see the mighty ibex mountain goat, boldly going where others do not dare! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG9TMn1FJzc

As time went on, I began to increasingly understand and remember more of how my spirit-self had chosen and created my life path before I was born. I realised that I had volunteered to be a front runner and way-shower in the ascension process.

Enneagram Supreme

My encoded personality, Enneagram ( The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions.

The Enneagram describes nine personality types and maps each of these types on a nine-pointed diagram which helps to illustrate how the types relate to one another.) type seven, is the most addictive type, always wanting more. Once I eventually overcame my material addictions, I became addicted to expanding my consciousness, embodying the ancient eastern term, “spiritual athlete”.

Just as I was always one of the fastest boys in my city, my incarnated soul configuration has allowed me to traverse the spiritual path at break-neck speed, only to realise, “the tortoise wins the race”!

Ascend Your Personal Inner Everest

Like a mountaineer having successfully navigated a perilous peak, I can now guide others to ascend their own inner Everest.

My new state of consciousness includes an embodied level of non-linear thinking (non-linearity / non-linear being) akin to an aeriel perspective, being able to see (experience) the whole at once, which makes it easy for me to have oodles of crystal clear clarity when guiding other souls.

My destined blueprint has been one to learn the hard way, so that I may guide others on more light and loving ways, such as through the consistently smooth and happy Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method.

A predominant aspect of my spiritual life path is thus lovingly sacrificial in nature, an energetic which continues in my role as Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Guide, where I am used as a conduit and channel of Christ consciousness Source energy to help heal the shadow trauma of the ayahuasca retreat participants.

It has taken time to overcome my deep – past life originated – fears associated with my destined path, though as I have trusted, followed the signs, I can now embrace it as the true blessing it is, living my dream-life of dream-lives, all the time expanding in blissful and magical ways.

Do Whatever It Takes

There is no greater liberation in this life than remembering the truth of who we are and why we are here, and I am forever fully committed to serving humanity to the best of my ability in this pursuit.

Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method

Our Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method is the most direct ways to integrate trauma and avoid wallowing in past life thought patterns. We describe the process as “Blissfully-Blitzing” because it happens so smoothly, rapidly, and joyously.