“I am my INFINITY. You can be your INFINITY too!”
Lara Bliss Violet

Born in 1995 as Lara Maciel in South Brazil, Lara has since experienced a Full Energetic ReBirth as part of her Ascension process, transforming into a Self-Realised Bliss-Being, and Full-Embodiment of her Higher-Self, Lara Bliss Violet.

Lara has a strong signature of the “Mother-Mary” energetic which has manifested clearly to others during her Bliss Ceremonies, as many participants have seen her embodiment of this energy. Inside or outside of ceremony, this energy radiates through Lara Violet’s Heart, Personality, and Presence as Serene Softness and Unconditional Loving Care.

On Lara Violet’s ReBirthday, the Summer Solstice 21st June, the Longest & Lightest day of the year, Lara was gifted with her True Light-Sight , as she received and acted upon Divine Guidance on how to fully and permanently open her 3rd Eye Chakra (the frequency match to the colour Violet) during a Sacred Twin-Flame Bliss Ceremony with Leão, assisted by Divine Ayahuasca.

My Life Has Changed Vastly Since Drinking Ayahuasca For The First Time on May 8, 2021. Before Then, I Had Never Focused On Spirituality, Nor Had Any Obvious Sense Of Life Purpose. I Tried Different Studies, Always Changing, And Always Lived (Or Survived) One Day At A Time.

I Am From The South State Of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, And First Left My Hometown In 2020 For The “Magic Island” Of Florianopolis. Sometime After My Move, I Realised I Had An Increased Sensitivity To Other People’s Energies. The Energy In My Romantic Relationship Became So Uncomfortable For Me, It Was Such A Strong Feeling. It Was Not For Any “Normal” Reason And Was Something I Had Never Felt Before. I Decided I Could Not Have That Energy In My Life, So I Ended The Relationship. At The Time, I Did Not Realise It Was The Beginning Of Something Bigger!

After This, My Increased Energetic Sensitivity Continued And I Felt That “Something” Non-Physical Was Missing Inside Of Me, Though I Did Not Know What It Was. I Felt A Need To Fill This “Something” Inside Of Me, And To Break Repetitive Cycles. So Even Though I Did Not Follow Any Religion, I Decided To Ask “God,” Or The “Universe” (I Do Not Know Who I Asked!) For Assistance.

I Asked That, From That Day On, I Would Meet People Who Would Add Something More To My Life, And I Also Asked For Help To Fill What Was Missing Inside Of Me. It Was Not Long Afterwards In March 2021 That I Met This Crazy Scotsman, Leão! We Spent More Than Three Hours Writing (He Could Not Speak Portuguese Then!) About Energies, Chakras, And His Travels In Search Of The Spiritual.

Two Months Later He Invited Me To My First Ayahuasca Experience. I Replied That I Did Not Feel Prepared, And He Answered, “You Do Not Need To Feel Prepared, The Ayahuasca Prepares You.”

I Always Thought I Needed A Certain Degree Of Spirituality Or Knowledge To Drink Ayahuasca And It Would Not Be Possible If I Was A Layperson. I Had Also Always Been Scared Of The “Supernatural,” So I Was Not Confident For Multiple Reasons.

I Found Leão’s Answer Interesting Because Other People Had Always Confirmed My Fears, And This Was Totally The Opposite. His Answer Helped Me To Trust My Intuition More Than My Mental Fears, And I Then Felt Ready To Drink Ayahuasca. I Had Also Been Attracting People Into My Life Who Had Already Had Experiences With Ayahuasca, So This Was Also Encouraging Me!

With Ayahuasca I Found The “Supernatural,” But They Were My Own Shadows, And I Realised There Was No Reason To Be Afraid! I Became Aware Of So Many Unnecessary Superficial, External Fears Of Mine Which Controlled My Decision Making And Behaviours. I Realised That There Is No Supernatural, That Everything Is Me, Light, Shadow, Good, Evil, It All Depends On My Choices.

From Then On, I Consciously Decided To Focus 100% On My Spiritual Path In Life. That’s just a few months ago, although it feels more like years! I Have Since Left Brazil For The First Time (And Flown In A Plane!), Lived In Guatemala And Now Mexico.

Spirituality Filled What Was Missing In Me, Which Was To Deeply Connect To Myself, Know Myself And Realise My True Power, All Of Which I Had Forgotten. I Have Awakened To A New Life, Understanding The Hidden Truth Of This World, Where Every Day I Learn The Power Of Creation I Have Over Myself And My Reality!

LoveLight CommUnity Is Our New Purpose, Helping Others Also Choose The Path Of Self-Knowing, So We Can All Learn From Each Other, And Continue Our Evolution In Loving Support Together! It Also Represents The Twin Flame Union Between Leão And I, Our Love, Our Child. Just As Children Provide Great Teaching And Purpose, We Intend LoveLight CommUnity To Provide This For Everyone We Reach.