Bliss Ayahuasca

The Bliss Ayahuasca Methodยฎ

Why we are the #1 Ayahuasca Retreats Provider on Earth right now


We focus on powerfully enjoyable transformation, no matter how buried or difficult the trauma


Purity of Intention and Heart is the Key to everything. We offer our services with great Love & Careย 

Trauma Healing

Disease, Death, Sexual Abuse, Heartbreak, Past Life Trauma - we healed it all. We can relate to you and help with Love & Compassion


Everything we do is a reflection of our own conscious experience. We walked the walk, now teach & talk the walk.


It's all ABOUT YOU.

No strangers, you have the entire Day with us to yourself

High Frequency Day

Throughout the whole day, you will experience your Truest & Highest Self. Discover your true Power & Purpose from within.

The Bliss Method

Blissful Healing & Powerful Transformations guaranteed. Every time!

DayTime Ceremonies

Our Revolutionary Daytime Bliss Method guarantees an amazingly enjoyable experience, amplifying Light.

Lasting Bliss

This experience will stay with you FOREVER.

Activate your Inner Healer

Our Daytime ceremonies are a unique offering that stems from many years of distilled experience and wisdom, optimizing the ceremony setting for maximum Joy & Healing.

Our Bliss Method is the #1 approach to working with Plant Medicine for effective, lasting and enjoyable healing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.