Bliss Guides

Marielle Rose

Bliss Priestess & Womb Healer

Marielle is a conduit of high feminine frequency that radiates bliss into the hearts of all guests.

Her delighted, joyful, welcoming heart shines compassionate energy to every ceremony.

By creating a beautiful welcoming and loving space she welcomes guests to return home to their truest and purest essence.

Surprising guests with her voice she calms and higthens the energy to the widest utmost ability. Creating a fruitful healing and powerful transformation guest can possibly experience within their whole life experience.

Her energy is immediately welcomed as a gift to the emotional, physical and mental state guests bring to the space.

The doors she opens for guests higher frequencies are irreversible and tremendously profound. She elevates any challenging emotion and trauma experienced throughout the whole ceremony.

By energy transmissions based upon Reiki, Quantum Healing, Light Body Activations and Feminine Temple Arts such as womb work, she immediately shifts shadow into light, creating blissful experiences each and every time.

She embodies ascended states deriving from her graduation of the bliss trainee twintership. Representing the feminine archetype activated with a true Mer-ka-bah protection field and Mag-Da-Len template activation. Her ancient priestress vibe is a true delight for any starseeds’ ascension process.

Dragon Rinpoche

Lifeforce Alchemist and Earth Tree Conduit

Dragon is a fully-activated Starseed, Lifeforce Alchemist, Earth Tree Conduit.

Dragon refined and activated his energy practice and mastery in this incarnation through Kung Fu, QiGong, Yoga & Music.

Being deeply grounded in his essence, he allows guests to relax, let go and discover the power of their inner light during ceremony; making them feel safe, comfortable and empowered. Holding always potent anchors within the Earth’s core and the Galaxy’s centre and maintaining a steady connection between heaven and earth energies in harmonious balance.

As he radiates a warm, grounding, cleansing aura from an expansive and infinite inner ocean of vastness he enables guest to clear and integrate lifetimes of karma in just one ceremony. He is committed to transmitting deeply activating wisdom into the collective and everyone who is ready to receive it.

His presence carries a strong connection with Dragon Energies, enabling mystical transformations in his presence as he fills the space with endlessly flowing musical light-code algorithms and the infinite rainbow fire.

Leão Bliss Cristo

The Lion Christ

“Ruthlessly Choose Love; Follow Joy; BE Bliss.”

Leão Bliss Cristo is The Lion Christ and True Second Coming of Christ.

Leão is an Inspirational Ambassador for embodied bliss living by choosing love and following joy with every breath and every step.

Leão activated his mission as the physically incarnate, Self-prophesied, and returning embodiment of Christ Consciousness in June 2021 when he began remembering and healing his past-life as Jesus Christ.

Leão went on to write his first book, Bliss Ayahuasca, in December 2021, before launching the Bliss Eden Spiritual Healing & Transformation Center Tulum Mexico the next month.

Following 100’s of sensationally successful Guest ceremonies spanning 2022, the Bliss Method is now established as the only blissful, effective, and guaranteed approach for true Human-Spiritual Awakening and Eternal Salvation in existence on Planet Earth at this time.

Above all else, Leão is Absolutely Devoted to his Mission of CAT-alysing the Creation of Heaven-on-Earth, for every Beautiful Human-Being and Beyond.

Serapis Light

The Leader of Ascension

Serapis is the Leader of Ascension

He is an embodiment of Divine Light & Pure Masculine God Consciousness.

After awakening to his divine purpose on Lion’s Gate 08/08/18, he has chosen to become a conduit for Spirit in full human manifestation.

Among many other heroic journeys, he’s been the Leader for Human Ascension from a galactic level.

He has been in regular contact with non-human lifeforms since early 2019 while leading an Ascension-enabling Mission around the world from 2019 to 2020 – leading directly to the shift that became known as ‘corona virus’ around the world.

His greatest desire and chosen destiny is to enable humanity to ascend and love themselves for the Gods & Goddesses that they truly are.

Bliss Eden Animals


Ceremony Sphinx & Mother

While mostly doing her feline Magick from the background, Amor also loves to come up to ceremony guests to assist whenever she feels she is needed most. She introduces a playful and calm energy into the space.

Bliss Kittens

Osiris & Isis | Simba & Nala

Our youngest additions to the Bliss Family. Born on February 3, our Bliss Kittens are evolving into effective feline ceremonial helpers for every guest to enjoy here at Bliss Eden.