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Leão Bliss Cristo

Leão Bliss Cristo is the original Founder of Bliss Eden, and is extremely passionate and devoted to sharing The Bliss Method with You, the most blissful, powerful, and profound holistic healing and growth methodology that exists on the planet!

At Bliss Eden you are welcomed by the open Healing Hearts of our World Leading Bliss Guides, for the Highest Frequency and most Divine Day of your Life!

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Leão always prided himself on warm Scottish hospitality, so loves making sure all Guests feel as comfortable and cared for as possible.

The aim is for Guests to have Blissful & Enjoyable Experiences, as well as Profound & Powerful Ceremonies, and we’ve become masters at delivering consistent results.

Following 100’s of sensational Guest Ceremonies, the Bliss Ayahuasca Method is firmly established as the Proved and Leading Miracle Healing & Growth Solution for Planet Earth.

As a New World Spiritual Teacher and Role Model of Human Evolution, Leão launched the revolutionary Healing Center after releasing the pioneering book “Bliss Ayahuasca: Trailblazing New World Medicine” in December 2021.

Our daytime ayahuasca ceremonies follow our new High-Frequency Methodology called the Bliss Ayahuasca Method.

With your trust and commitment, you can heal everything, forever, and expand into a happier state of being.

Our Ultimate Mission is to create Heaven-on-Earth by awakening, healing, and expanding Humanity into a Unified Collective of Spiritually Sovereign Integral Bliss Beings.

Bliss Eden CATalysts


Ceremony Sphinx & Mother

While mostly doing her feline Magick from the background, Amor also loves to come up to ceremony guests to assist whenever she feels she is needed most. She introduces a playful and calm energy into the space.

Bliss Kittens

Osiris & Isis | Simba & Nala

Our youngest additions to the Bliss Family. Born on February 3, our Bliss Kittens are evolving into effective feline ceremonial helpers for every guest to enjoy here at Bliss Eden.