Bliss Ayahuasca Ceremony

Your Highest Frequency Day

Ceremony Day Schedule

9:33 AM - Bliss Eden Reception

Arrival, Reception & Celebration of YOU at Bliss Eden 🌸

10:00 - Intentions & 1st Ayahuasca

In our Heart-opening conversation, we define your intentions with crystal-clear clarity.

Bliss Ayahuasca is ALL ABOUT INTENTION.

10:30 AM - 1st Effects & Surrender

You start feeling the first effects of the Ayahuasca. Your bodily and sensory perception changes, everything becomes more beautiful, amplified & expanded.

11:11 AM - Frequency Shift

Upon guiding you continuously, the Foundation for deep Insights has been established. Now you are about to enter the core of your ceremony.

11:44 AM - 2nd Ayahuasca: Depth & Purge

Your 2nd Dose of Ayahuasca is served. Your deepest cleanse will happen now. 

This serves to clear everything blocking you still from experiencing what you came here for: ABSOLUTE BLISS.

12.30 - Clarity

With the Purge done, you are ready to receive clarity on what you came here for.


14.00 - Deep Surrender

In what we call ‘Ayahuasca Sleep Meditation’, you enter a state of deep surrender. This is where you will find ALL the answers you are looking for.

14.30 - New Consciousness

You reawaken & your New Consciousness is born.

15.00 - Grounding

You start having a firmer grip on physical reality again, slowly coming back

15.15 - Celebration-Integration

We serve you our ceremonial Bliss Fruit Salad. While enjoying the rich flavors, you are regaining your physical senses.

15.55 - Blissful Closure

After an integration talk and revisiting pivotal moments, your ceremony is over and you will be good and ready to drive/return home

This is what you can expect from your Bliss Ceremony Day

The Highest Frequency Day of your Life

Spiritual Insights that you’ve never been able to access before

A feeling of being loved, safe, cared for and taken care of

Deep Healing of past wounds, Trauma and Karmic beliefs


Experienced Guides

Low Dosage – Maximum Effect

A Serene Tropical Setting



Inner Peace