Terms & Conditions

1) You are responsible (for your Healing)

Unlike so many other offerings around Ayahuasca that operate solely on Fear, we do not make you sign a waiver or anything else.

We are here to support with all our Love, Heart, Bliss & Experience.


Your willingness to take responsibility for all your experiences is crucial. That applies to your ceremony as much as your life in general.

The WHOLE POINT of your ceremony with us is for you to realize YOUR OWN DIVINITY.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about, no matter what condition you are in (or think that you are in).

The Bliss Frequency established in our ceremonies and ingested through Ayahuasca takes care of everything.

All you need to do is aligning your Intentions to make them RIGHT & PURE.

2) We are your Guides

When coming to Bliss Eden, you are taking a blissful Leap of Faith.

We ask you to trust us throughout your entire experience.

That way, we can ensure that your journey will be most joyous, wonderful and yes indeed – Blissful. From start to end.

Human Ego can easily get in the way – predicated on ideas around Age, Gender, Spiritual Experience or whatever else.

These paradigms will get in the way of your healing.

Remember: You are not here for us.


We are here to serve you.

We cannot and will not force you to do anything – which means that our silent and equally explicit agreement is one of Trust, Love, Faith & Surrender.

3) No Refunds

Once you have made your decision & commitment through payment, it is done.

The nature of our work is to get you through the biggest obstacles in your life.

It is completely normal if you end up getting anxious beforehand – this is the greatest thing you’ve ever done in your life.

To ensure that you see your commitment to Self-Love & Self-Healing through, your payment is your final decision to give a definite YES to your Bliss.

4) Change of Ceremony Date

If you end up finding yourself in a situation where it has become impossible for you to attend your ceremony, we offer you a change of your ceremony date (informing us as soon as you know you cannot make it).

5) Online Payment Required

Last minute cash payments have an adverse effect on commitment (and give the Ego excuses to opt out literally last minute).

That’s why we require payment in full through our Online Checkout System.