Best Ayahuasca Retreat Tips & Hints for Happy Experience (Tulum, Mexico) [Updated 2022]


  1. TRANSFORMATION: ayahuasca brings our unconsciousness into the light of our awareness for remembering, healing, and expansion.
  2. MIRROR & AMPLIFIER: the plants function like a combined mirror and amplifier, reflectively showing us who we really are.
  3. AWARENESS EXPLANSION: our unconscious is magnified and reflected into our conscious knowing for our growth.
  4. REMEMBER & BALANCE: ayahuasca allows us to see, know, and balance the forgotten and hidden aspects of ourselves.
  5. FUTURE-SELF: first-hand experience of being a spiritually evolved version of ourselves.
  6. SUPER-POWERS: activates our latent psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, & channelling.
  7. DETOXIFICATION: purification catalyst, flushes toxins, traumas, and false beliefs from physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
  8. UNDENIABLE: strong spiritually connective experience.

Happily Integrate Unconscious Trauma Ayahuasca Retreat

By its very nature, shadow work can be challenging. When experienced within or outside of ayahuasca retreat, it involves feeling the original low frequency supressed emotions, such as fear, sadness, or pain.

Understandably, humans prefer to avoid these experiences, though this initiates the processes of repression, suppression, denial, and replacement which ensures the trauma stays buried within our fields.

This “stored negative karma” then unconsciously works through the individual by attracting like energy into their experience of life through the universal law of magnetic attraction (also known as the law of cause and effect, karma, and magnetic polarity) until they learn the lesson and heal the wound.

During the hardest moments of these resurfacing emotions, which can be especially intense with plant spirits, we tend to resist the low frequency emotions by wanting it to be over as quickly as possible. Paradoxically, “what we resist, persists” so this prolongs the experience. One must focus and apply the opposite: surrender.

Unconditional Acceptance

The key is to accept whatever we experience as aspects of ourselves, and allow them out of self-love, rather than reject them out of confusion and fear.

Once we accept this is an aspect of ourselves that we have rejected, isolated and forgotten out of fear, we need to communicate with it lovingly.

Sempre Surrender

In combination with surrender, the most effective, instant remedy is to allow and embrace this energetic aspect of oneself, whilst consciously and repeatedly, choosing, thinking, saying, and communicating gratitude, compassion, and love, in all ways possible.

To consider how to feel compassion, put yourself in the shoes of the energetic entity. We buried the energy during a traumatic experience, usually many lifetimes ago. We isolated and rejected this self-conscious frequency, to the point it also forgot the truth that it is pure love and light.

Imagine being that energetic entity? It looks like a literal nightmare right, so let us have some compassion!

Gratitude & Celebration

During my shadow work I would apologise to this energy, with deeply honest compassion, knowing the sacrifice that it endured for my “life lesson” and learning.

Then I would rejoice at telling the energy we love it, that it is pure love, and that we will unify forever, as part of the true re-integration that is remembering and unifying all the fragmented aspects of ourselves.

It really helps to celebrate this process as much as possible, choosing to experience this joy exemplifies true gratitude – and we come back to joy is the new teacher!

When you genuinely feel these high frequency emotional compassion codes, you project them into your energetic matrix fields and they activate the emotional inner alchemical process, transmuting fear into love. Not only the emotion, but the entire experience is totally transformed.

Heart Touch & Focus: Emerald Cave Visualisation

Additional techniques that help during deep shadow work include focussing intentionally, visually, and internally on one’s heart during this process, including touching your heart with your hands.

Calming Breathing: In/Out 4 Sec Count, then 6, then 8

A meditative focus on one’s breathing, consciously following all parts of the inbreath and outbreath closely and continuously, is one of the most effective methods of centring and calming.

This is essential in ayahuasca retreat ceremony moments of high energetic volume and needs to be practised with a strong conscious focus on surrender.

Any resistance will magnify the experience of the low-frequency emotions.

Energetic Anchoring: Maximum Stability

Energetically anchoring oneself to the highest love and light frequencies possible through an intention setting method, can make a colossal difference to the ayahuasca retreat experience.

This avoids one getting “lost” in a sea of low frequency, ensuring more clarity, stabilisation, and security. Combining this with mantras such as, “I am love, I am light, I am pure, I love all aspects of myself” also really helps.

From our experience, using these techniques in combination is the most effective way to keep one’s frequency high, and thus the experience more loving and lighter, during the hardest moments of shadow work.

Ayahuasca retreats are the most effective method on the planet for remembering the fragmented aspects of ourselves, for shining light on our shadow side and initiating the paramount process of trauma integration.

Blissful Blitzing Trauma Integration

Searching for the most accelerated methods for trauma integration and spiritual evolution resulted in completing a 25 day dry fast (no food no water) in August 2021 which is considered a physical miracle.

Dry fasting is effective, though not for everyone, so fortunately I have been blessed to be able to create a more effective, and blissful method which Blissfully Blitzes the trauma, transforming it into high-frequency molecular metaphysical love and light.

Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method

Our Ayahuasca Retreats are is the most direct way to integrate trauma and avoid wallowing in past life thought patterns. We describe the process as “Blissfully-Blitzing” because it happens so smoothly, rapidly, and joyously.

There is currently no other planetary option which comes a fraction close in terms of all-round effectiveness and desirability of outcome.

This perspective is based on many reasons, not least our Miracle-Formula that works every time, aligned with the higher-dimensional truth explained in our published book.