What Happens on a Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat? 1-Day Retreat Schedule


  • Guests arrive around 9 am for a welcome greeting and pre-ceremony discussion.


  • Our ayahuasca retreat space includes all of our large, lush, jungle garden, heart-shaped cenote pool.
  • The centre circle is where we spend most of the time and have group discussions
  • It’s outdoors with rooved shelter on the patio adjacent to the house, with over-head ceiling fan.
  • Guests have their own padded and pillowed, adjustable height sun-bed here.
  • All Guests have both an indoor (air-con room) and outdoor bed to themselves for the day.
  • Our air-conditioned Guest Room 1 in the house has 4 single beds, sofa-bed, shower-room, and is adjacent to the centre circle through sliding glass patio doors. Guest Room 2 is a 1st Floor King.


  • Around 12pm we sit together in the centre circle and share our intentions.


  • Leão leads a guided energetic anchoring visualisation – explained about more in our BLISS book.
  • This anchoring process contributes significantly to our consistently smooth, serene ceremonies.



  • First dose around 12:34pm.
  • We relax with stunning music, beautiful jungle views, and soothing rainforest nature sounds.
  • Any pre-nervous energy dissolves away instantly when drinking the 1st
  • Some Guests’ have a deeply restorative sleep during the first part of ceremony.


  • Our relaxed, calm vibe gives Guests the freedom to move around throughout the ayahuasca retreat.
  • ‘Grounding’ in our cenote pool, chilling with AC in our Guest Room or enjoying a nature spot.
  • Engaging with all the elements during ceremony can be especially energising, such as lying on rocks and Earth, or in the pool, Sun, or breeze.
  • 8 crystal tables spaced around our centre circle are adorned with many crystals which Guests can use during their stay and ceremonies. Lara makes crystal suggestions to Guests.
  • The first two hours of ayahuasca retreat flow peacefully and enjoyably.


  • We speak to everyone around 2 hours which includes discussing and preparing for the 2nd
  • While we are preparing the 2nd dose, we have a half-time interval where we stop the music and relax the vibe. Guests often enjoy exploring the garden around this time.


  • Our second is around 2pm. The volume of this dose is usually around 50% of the 1st.


  • During the 3rd and 4th hours, we guide Guests using our simple “Sleep-Meditation” method, which is usually when the most magical and miraculous moments of ceremony blossom.
  • Guests have particularly profound experiences and epiphanies in the hours directly after the 2nd dose, when deep mind/body/spirit soul-transformation occurs.


  • After the deep-work is seamlessly and smoothly undergone, Guest’s sometimes feel overcome to express themselves in various liberating ways, such as Channelling, Chanting, Writing, Singing, Dancing, Moving, Rapping, Poetry, Yoga, and Laughing!
  • Our secluded jungle wooden yoga deck is a popular space for this.
  • Divine-Self-Expression is also core element to our unique spiritual ascension teachings.


  • We have a delicious fruit-salad when Guests start to feel hungry.
  • They can choose from a variety of local organic fruits and tasty toppings.
  • Fruit: papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, lime-juice, & banana.
  • Toppings: dried-blueberries, coconut-shreds, amaranto, chai-seed, linseed & local Mayan honey.


  • You feel amazing afterwards. Guests embody and radiate a strong all-round energetic After-Glow following the ayahuasca retreat. It is a hugely positive upgrade, experienced as a very Happy aftermath.
  • They look and feel very happy, light and smiley, often wondering how long they will feel this way!
  • Around 4-6pm, we open the space for Guests to share about their experiences, as much or as little as they feel, or the Guests may feel like some serene, reflective silence towards the end of the day.
  • Guest’s either stay with us for dinner and sleep or depart for their hotel when-ever they are feeling super-ready, between 5-7pm.