We Are Evolving Spiritual Beings Taking Part in a Global Ascension Process

In our current age, all human beings can choose not to “die” conventionally as a human being, that being aging, worsening health, physical decay, increasing pain, suffering and eventual “lights-out”.

Rather than going through this process on unconscious auto-pilot, we can consciously choose a journey of improving health, reducing aging and decay rate to eventually zero, and stay in our body as long as we want in this incarnation, through a process known as ascension.

What is Ascension

Ascension is the path of spiritual growth and is synonymous with other terms such as the journey of enlightenment, self-love, expansion of consciousness, self-knowing, awakening, the light & bliss-body process, & self-realisation.

A collective ascension process is currently being experienced on Earth, involving the lowest frequency energy in our physical bodies becoming higher frequency energy, opening up our multidimensional senses, abilities and powers, remembering our true-selves.

Revolutionising Ayahuasca for Ascension
Our trailblazing Bliss Ceremony Method of using Ayahuasca for spiritual growth is the biggest “cheat-code” or “magic-pill” we have found for taking the elevator to living in one’s own personal “Heaven-on-Earth”.

All human suffering comes from one source: the misunderstanding of who we are and why we are here.

Ayahuasca is the most effective method we have found of remembering this.

It is also the most direct, undeniable, and effective method we have found to wake people up to remembering their spiritual selves and catalysing them forward on their destined life path.

It further applies these discoveries to create a uniquely new ceremonial approach to ayahuasca, resulting in more direct, accelerated, loving, and joyous spiritual evolution and remembering.

As we both did in our first ceremonies, it is common for individuals to realise the tectonic truth that we are infinite multidimensional beings, experiencing a physical reality on Earth for a set of incarnations, to experience, learn and expand ourselves.

Ayahuasca allows us to see, know, and balance these hidden, forgotten, divine aspects of ourselves. It works as a mirror and amplifier, reflectively showing us who we really are, via a strong, undeniable, spiritually connective experience.

Drinking ayahuasca gives us a first-hand experience of being a spiritually evolved version of ourselves. This includes use of our multidimensional/psychic senses, skills, and abilities including telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

These plant spirits are purification catalysts, flushing accumulated toxins, old traumas, and stored thoughts from the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

They are major triggers into initiating the emotional integration process, where our repressed trauma is alchemised into “metaphysically-molecular” love and light frequencies, as we evolve into our Light & Bliss-Being Higher-Selves.

Our Vision

Heaven on New Earth, Paradise on Gaia.

This is happening on a grass root, bottom-up basis, as more and more individual souls choose truth, love, and light for themselves, consciously choosing to walk the path of their personal ascension.


“I am My Infinity. You Can Be Your Infinity Too” Lara Violet


“Your BLISS is the KEY to Your DESTINY” Leão Cristo

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