Ayahuasca Retreat Advanced Integration:     Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Center (Tulum, Mexico) [Updated 2022]


  1. TRANSFORMATION: ayahuasca brings our unconsciousness into the light of our awareness for remembering, healing, and expansion.
  2. MIRROR & AMPLIFIER: the plants function like a combined mirror and amplifier, reflectively showing us who we really are.
  3. AWARENESS EXPLANSION: our unconscious is magnified and reflected into our conscious knowing for our growth.
  4. REMEMBER & BALANCE: ayahuasca allows us to see, know, and balance the forgotten and hidden aspects of ourselves.
  5. FUTURE-SELF: first-hand experience of being a spiritually evolved version of ourselves.
  6. SUPER-POWERS: activates our latent psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, & channelling.
  7. DETOXIFICATION: purification catalyst, flushes toxins, traumas, and false beliefs from physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
  8. UNDENIABLE: strong spiritually connective experience.

Updating Belief Systems

An essential part of one’s spiritual growth is the updating of our belief systems, which I also refer to as the mental deconditioning and enlightening process.

One cannot expand their consciousness with a completely closed belief system. As the Zen Master Ryutan puts it:

Zen Buddhism Story

“You are like this cup; you are full of ideas. You come and ask for teaching, but your cup is full; I can’t put anything in. Before I can teach you, you’ll have to empty your cup.”

Opening one’s belief systems, humbling ourselves to accept that we “do-no-know-what-we-do-not-know”, and that new learning will expand on and supersede our existing beliefs, is indispensable to self-conscious expansion. Etymologically the word “belief” includes the word lie within it.

Multi-Dimensional & Non-Linear Thinking

This is the process of developing multidimensional and non-linear thinking: that of holding different dimensional perspectives simultaneously, with each dimension governed by distinct universal laws. The channelled works of Magenta Pixie and The Nine are the best written sources available for explaining and training this process.

One cannot discover the mystery via beliefs as one can only believe what they already think they “know”. Therefore, the true course to this mental, and all, body expansion is through faith, trust, an open mind, and an open heart.

The nature of all is infinite, hence nothing one could imagine can capture the enormity and glory of existential reality. “All-Truth” is beyond human imagination, though we can access exponentially more of it through the ascension process during our incarnational experience.

There are finite laws which govern our reality, although they are much broader and more flexible than we realise (leading us to manifestations of matter and “miracles” such as teleportation, telekinesis etc – a topic for a later work).

For example, one’s individualised soul matrix of energetic bodies requires a certain level of density to remain grounded in the 3rd, 4th or even 5th dimension. At a certain point of molecular “lightness” we would ascend past the point of being able to continue in an Earthly incarnational experience.

The same applies to the level of multidimensional understanding one can hold in our dimensions. Yes, we can activate the untapped 95% of our brain power, however, there remains the aspect of the infinite beyond that!

Through faith, trust, openness, discovery, adventure, and exploration, we can have new direct experiences, insights, realisations, and epiphanies, which allow us to remember higher dimensional truths about ourselves and reality. This is indeed the process of conscious expansion, especially the expansion of multidimensional, non-linear thinking and awareness. Ayahuasca retreats are one of the most effective methods to expand in this way.

Whilst belief itself is a very profound part of spiritual awakening, this belief must be “grounded in reality in order for the codex created by the belief to hold any mass within the physical human body system”. Magenta Pixie and The Nine. The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame: Sacred Mysteries of Stargate Ascension (p. 145).

Upgrading Ungrounded Beliefs into Embodied Knowing

The process of upgrading our ungrounded beliefs into knowing higher dimensional truth takes place through the process of integration. It is similar to updating a computer with new software, the previous data needs to be replaced with the newly downloaded information.

When I dry fasted for one month, my physical body would have “died” if I had not previously updated and integrated my belief system that humans do no not require food or liquids once they reach a certain light quotient, or frequency, at which they can cellularly metabolize enough light for energy to sustain the physical body.

When a person has a direct experience of a higher truth – such as through a deep realisation, profound insight, epiphany or remembering with ayahuasca – which supersedes a held belief, the held belief will energetically dissipate as it no longer serves the individual.

It is replaced by new thoughts and concepts which combine together to create a neural network or system of codices. This new belief structure forms a paradigm, which eventually lets go of the “new belief” entirely as the individual moves into “knowing” the higher dimensional truth that they experienced.

This is the difference between “holding an unintegrated belief” and “embodying knowing”. In the former case, the concept is transient and dissipates, in the latter, it is grounded in reality through the integration process.

This is all part of the expansion of mind and thought through multidimensional and non-linear thinking. Ayahuasca retreats enable us to move through this process at a vastly accelerated rate.

Unconscious Shadow Trauma

Through increased energetic sensitivity and the activation of dormant quantum DNA and memory, plant DMT can result in remembering our shadow side and initiating its integration process. As this process is a fundamental component to all spiritual growth, the process should be celebrated joyously on one’s ascension journey.

Shadow traumas are those traumatic experiences which our conscious minds have repressed, supressed, and buried into our unconscious, both from this life and past ones.

This occurs as we do not have the capacity to process the intensity of the suffering in the moment, for example as a child, or during any especially stressful ordeal.

Our human mind/body/spirit systems function optimally in a state of energetic flow, which requires real-time processing of our life experiences including emotions.

When painful emotions are buried as avoidance defence mechanism, they remain within our energetic fields (soul matrix) as light inactivated, stagnant, lower frequency, distorted, unbalanced, asymmetrical and fragmented (as opposed to light activated, flowing, higher frequency, pure, balanced, symmetrical, and unified) geometry and codex.

Out of fear, we have chosen to forget and reject these emotions (which are individually self-conscious aspects of ourselves) rather than show them self-love.

The Path of Self-Love

The path of spiritual evolution, ascension and enlightenment is also the path of self-love. As such, it is necessary to remember these experiences and heal ourselves using the process of emotional integration to move forward on our spiritual, and life, path.

Emotional Integration

The “Emotional Integration” chapters in “Masters of the Matrix” by Magenta Pixie and The Nine, explain how this process works. Conscious integration and understanding of this process greatly enhances one’s effective evolution forward on their spiritual path.

This process involves acknowledging/remembering the emotion, giving gratitude for the emotion’s sacrifice and help as a learning and transformation tool, analysing the experience and giving unconditional love to the emotional energy as a true act of self-love.

This process moves us from being fragmented versions of self, into re-integrated, whole, unified versions of self. This inner alchemy is the true alchemy of lead into gold: the transmutation of fear into love.


The path of spiritual evolution, ascension and enlightenment is also the path of self-love. As such, it is necessary to remember these experiences and heal ourselves using the process of emotional integration to move forward on our spiritual, and life, path.

As outlined within the front matter of this text, the mistaken identification of our shadow side as external “demons” or “vampiric beings” in almost all spiritual traditions is one of the most pertinent, self-limiting, false beliefs, holding back the conscious expansion of humanity.

This confusion predicates absolution of responsibility and self-hate –the antithesis of the ultimate truth, that we are all-powerful, divine, self-loving beings.

MYTH-BUSTER: Internal Unconscious Shadow-Side Mistaken for External “Demons”

All so-called “demons” or “vampiric entities” that we experience are, in fact, aspects of our own unconscious, they are our repressed shadow side.

Understanding this experientially is a paramount pre-requisite to spiritual evolution. Rejecting these aspects keeps them unprocessed in our fields, loving them transforms them into light and catapults us forward on our spiritual paths.

This aligns with one of the central tenets of spirituality: to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, because on a higher spiritual level, you chose and created it. Every, single, experience, bar none. There is no coincidence in existence and no absolution of responsibility in spiritual growth and truth realisation. This must be the case if we are indeed divinity incarnate as many spiritual lineages rightly claim.

Our self-conscious, individualised trauma chooses when to reveal itself to us in conjunction with our higher self, for our highest and best good on all levels.

It may use archetypal presentations of fear-based emotions such as “gremlins”, “demons” and “vampiric beings” which can confuse us into believing this energy is external to us.

This confusion and fear lead to us reject or deny this energy, which only exacerbates the origin of the shadow trauma: suppression, rejection, fear, and disgust.

How to Act, Respond Interact with Our “Emotional Entities”

It is how we act upon, respond to, and interact with our “Emotional Entities” that determines the codes we input into to our matrix fields – fear or love? – and thus the frequency matching energy we then attract into our reality through the magnetic process of creation.

When we understand that these energies are self-isolated parts of ourselves that need love, acceptance, gratitude, and compassion to be unified and integrated into lighter frequencies, we can move through the spiritual evolution process much more directly and smoothly.

Another trauma-trap is confusing between remembering with integrating.

Remembering is the start of the integration process, and it is possible to get stuck at this stage. This would take the form of “wallowing” in past life stories and trauma. This only serves to delay the process.

Detailed information from past lives is not needed to integrate past life trauma. Remembering trauma and remembering all the details from a life are different. Trauma is predominantly memory stored as emotion, more than that stored as thought patterns, though it is a mixture of both.

Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method

Our Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method is the most direct ways to integrate trauma and avoid wallowing in past life thought patterns. We describe the process as “Blissfully-Blitzing” because it happens so smoothly, rapidly, and joyously.