NEW DISCOVERY: Ayahuasca Retreat Shamans & Guides TRUTH [Updated 2022]


  1.  SHAMAN TRAUMA PROJECTION: Unknowingly for the shaman and their participants, the unconscious shadow trauma and egoic mind will “always work through” the ayahuasca retreat shaman, projecting onto the participants in an amplified manner.
    2. MORE DIFFICULT EXPERIENCE: This adds an additional level of karmic entanglement and complexity to the experience and process of the participants.
    3. NEW DISCOVERY: Very few currently incarnated souls are aware of this dynamic, here I explain how I came to this realisation.
    4. BEST SOLUTION: Our blissful ayahuasca retreats reverse this dynamic entirely so that the participants unconscious shadow is projected onto us, as we directly channel Christ consciousness Source energy, aiding their healing and integration process.
    5. DESTINED MIRACLE HEALERS: Our unique healing powers resulted in real physical healing miracles starting straight after we launched the Center.

 How Does Reality Creation Work?

In this reality and life experience as human beings, our unconscious aspects – known as our shadow side, part trauma, part egoic mind – will always create, attract, and work through us without us, as our personality selves, consciously realising.

The process of how this works is infinitely complex, for it is the process of creation itself. We are unrealised fractals of Source energy, fingers of the divine poking through into the physical dimension, simultaneously the creation and the creator.

As creator, we create all of our reality through the principal law of our universe, the law of attraction, also known as the law of karma, magnetic polarity, attraction, cause and effect.

Everything in the universe is energy, and energy has a signature, a vibration. The law of attraction states that all energies like unto themselves will be attracted.

On each level of our being, we have a particular vibration. This vibration is determined by our emotional and mental make-up; this composition is the sum total of all our experiences.

Whatever energy we hold within our fields, we magnetically attract like for like into our experience, and therefore create our own reality.

Ayahuasca Retreat Shaman Shadow Projection

In acting as a mirror and amplifier, ayahuasca also reflects and magnifies our unconscious shadow side, so that we may see it, accept it, love it, and integrate it as part of the “game of life”.

As previously mentioned, my relentless approach to spiritual transformation has resulted in processing, or integrating, all of my individualised past life shadow trauma, akin to one’s accumulated negative karma at point of incarnation, in a relatively short-period amount of time. The key acceleratory components were ayahuasca, dry fasting, twin flame union – spiritual growth through, usually, romantic relationships – the modern sacred texts and embodying the joy is the new teacher spiritual catalyst approach.

Having reached the stage in my light-body evolution where I had integrated all of my individualised unconscious shadow aspects, I became able to clearly see the unconscious shadow aspects of others working and creating through them.

Red Button Mode: Super-Powers Unlocked!!!

This is essentially a latent multidimensional, or psychic, ability, or “light-sight”, being unlocked as my consciousness reached a new state of energetic awareness.

The first time I experienced this higher frequency “light-sight” was also my first full-flow enlightenment cat experience, when my other latent multidimensional abilities as catalyst and channel were activated.

The most profound times I have energetically seen, felt and understood this process, have been when observing the shadow aspects of ayahuasca shamans working through them during ceremony.

The plant DMT mirrors and amplifies my multidimensional abilities as well as the unconscious shadow aspects working through the shaman.

After the initial fun experience of a new “super-power”, consciously feeling a shaman’s shadow trauma projecting onto you as a group ayahuasca retreat ceremony participant, is no picnic. Furthermore, the shaman, nor any other ayahuasca retreat participants have any conscious awareness or understanding of what is happening.

Beginning of Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method

After repeatedly experiencing the projection of shaman’s shadows during group ayahuasca retreats, I realised this was the sign to follow a new direction.

From then on, I started holding ceremonies myself and began my destined path as an ayahuasca guide. I then began to understand how I was being “used” as an energetic channel and conduit during ceremonies, that being my higher-self choosing this in line with my destined path.

Now during Bliss Ayahuasca Retreats, I no longer experience individualised shadow integration, instead all my bodies, physical and energy, are used to integrate the shadow trauma of the participants in ceremony, or I energetically connect to, and heal aspects of, the collective consciousness trauma.

Modern Master Healers & Healing Method

As a spiritual teacher for the new era, rather than having an energetically absorptive shadow which is projected onto participants, I channel and radiate Christ consciousness, Source love & light energy through my open heart, which accelerates the healing process of the participants, rather than adding negative karmic entanglement.

In this way, I directly help heal the deepest and most painful traumas that others are encoded with. My understanding, feeling and experience of this process is best described by this channelling:

“You are going through the energetic of pure surrender and service as pure sacrifice. True sacrifice is the purest act of compassion and unconditional love for you are giving of yourself to another because you love other as self. We call this sacrificial surrender ‘the emerald codex’.”

The Nine channellings from The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame, channelled and written by Magenta Pixie.

Miracle Healing Results

When we started applying our New World healing and awakening approach, the Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method, we started getting miracle healing results straight away including healing multiple chronic physical conditions.

The holistic integrated framework explained in the book, when combined with the bliss ayahuasca retreats, resulted in even better results than we had ever dreamed possible!

Early after launching the Center we helped amazing Guest’s cure multiple, apparently, “incurable” diseases and conditions including shaky leg / body syndrome and the deadly decaying parasitic disease, leaich-maniasis ( ).

Ceremony Guide Differences: Ascending Bliss-Being & Shaman

The contrasting levels of shadow trauma integration between myself and other ayahuasca guides is one of the greatest factors contributing to a different ceremonial experience for participants.

My insights are purely based on my direct awareness and experience and are in no way is intended to reflect negatively on traditional shamans. The work they do is phenomenal, I would not be here without them, and they have my untold respect, gratitude, and appreciation. All souls’ higher selves sign them up ahead of time for the experience that is in line with their highest and best good.

I aim to contribute an expanded analysis of the functioning and energetic interplay between ayahuasca retreats and ceremony participants.

If a ceremony guide had awareness of this multidimensional energetic interplay, they could use their divine will and intention to minimise shadow projection during the experience.

If a shaman genuinely wanted to follow this path, this intention would activate their dormant shadow, allowing them the opportunity for further integration. However, due to the nature of fixed belief systems, and becoming “stuck in one’s ways” only very open minded and hearted shamans would consider a completely new method to ayahuasca retreat.

Reading and integration of the modern sacred texts would vastly help this process.

Searching for the most accelerated methods for trauma integration and spiritual evolution resulted in completing a 25 day dry fast (no food no water) in August 2021 which is considered a physical miracle.

Dry fasting is effective, though not for everyone, so fortunately I have been blessed to be able to create a more effective, and blissful method which Blissfully Blitzes the trauma, transforming it into high-frequency molecular metaphysical love and light.

Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method

Our Ayahuasca Retreats are is the most direct way to integrate trauma and avoid wallowing in past life thought patterns. We describe the process as “Blissfully-Blitzing” because it happens so smoothly, rapidly, and joyously.

There is currently no other planetary option which comes a fraction close in terms of all-round effectiveness and desirability of outcome.

This perspective is based on many reasons, not least our Miracle-Formula that works every time, aligned with the higher-dimensional truth explained in our published book.