Divine Reading List

For a list of what we consider some of the Modern Sacred Texts of our time, please refer to our recommended Reading List. These marvellous books add a divine depth and breadth to spiritual knowledge accessible through literature on this planet. All books included in this reading list are accurate channellings from positively polarised service-to-self higher dimensional non-physical beings, with the intention of positively assisting the global ascension process. This list is not exclusive and merely represents the books which have guided us on our journey. As LoveLight CommUnity grows, we look forward to including more examples of Modern Sacred Texts & Sources of Ultimate Truth & Wisdom.

What is a Sacred Text? 

The first thing that might spring to people’s minds may be the Bible, the Qoran and the principal guidance books of other major religions. With regard to the Bible, the New Testament, the verbatim gospel according to Jesus Christ would be the most sacred aspect to followers of the Christian faith. The Old Testament would be akin to that for those following the Jewish tradition. Both of these books fit quite obviously into the definition of ‘text’, but what makes them sacred?


For us, the words sacred and divine are masculine and feminine flavours of the same thing: Godliness. This being equal to our true essence as multidimensional beings, masters of all of creation. Godliness is this self-conscious God essence that molecularly makes up every single minutia of reality, including ourselves.

We would call a sacred text one where the communication has come directly from a self-conscious, self-realised sacred and divine source. With regard to the New and Old Testament, this would include Christ’s gospel or messages received by prophets. Christ, being a fully-God realised being, standing in full-flow enlightenment, would be considered the mouthpiece of God-liness, the unified field of consciousness of All-That-Is. The prophets being spiritual messengers, using the same skill as a medium, to channel messages from spiritual beings.

One question to consider is, are all messages from non-physical spirit beings sacred? Is the sacred quality exclusively because the message comes from a spiritual source?

To this we would say no. The intention of the being delivering the message, which is a parallel for its level of service-to-others or service-to-self polarity (see the book Masters of the Matrix in our reading list for more detail on this), is a necessary factor to include. A second point is that all spiritual beings are fully-God realised in that they hold full awareness of being a fractal and holographic replica of Source Unity consciousness, which brings us to our next question:

Could a non-full-flow enlightened human being, who was not channelling spirit, write a sacred text?

Within the bounds of our definition, we would also say no. This brings us onto the human ego and buried shadow trauma.

Ego is individualised identity. We are here to have an individualised experience, therefore ego is an essential component of life. To exist as an individual, there must always be a degree of ego in our dimensional existence, even when a soul becomes fully conscious, ascended and enlightened. At this point, our consciousness will hold a spectrum of more individualised and more unified perspectives simultaneously. This is also known as embodiment of our true essence and becoming a God-Source-Self-Realised Being, which precludes the integration of all shadow trauma.

Until the point a soul holds individualised and unity perspectives of Self simultaneously, and has fully integrated their shadow trauma, the unconscious elements of the ego and trauma will ‘work through’ the individual by creating part of their reality through the law of karma and attraction. This would include ‘working through’ the individual during processes such as writing.

We therefore come to our definition of a sacred source: one that originates from Source (unity consciousness), or a purely service-to-others polarised Source-God-Realised Being, with the intention of imparting sacred and divine wisdom within their communication. This can be spoken directly through a fully conscious human being (Christ, Buddha, Krishna and others) or can be channelled through a highly accurate and trained medium (prophets): in both instances, the message circumvents the human ego and shadow trauma, avoiding distortion of truth and wisdom.

Modern vs Ancient Texts

All the culturally accepted sacred texts are ancient. This has added much to the debate about the validity of such texts, including the likelihood that some political and monarchical leaders amended them when needed to suit their agendas. Additionally, challenges in translating ancient languages pose question marks over their accuracy.


Furthermore, the radical change in culture and communication style means most of us find it difficult to decipher the meaning in these dated texts. For example, in the science-led culture of today, we process information most effectively in a logical, analytical, science-based manner, whereas many of Jesus’s teachings used storytelling, symbolism and metaphor to recount his experience of the divine.

Rather than using only ancient story, symbolism and metaphor, why not make use of the technological and scientific advances since these past teachings? Why not communicate in higher degrees of accuracy and truth with the modern tools we have at our disposal, without the various shortcomings of the ancient sacred texts?

This has already happened through the Modern Sacred Texts in our Divine Reading List. Due to the Uniqueness of Our Time, these texts have been created to assist us and the planet with our ascension process. Humanity at large has not yet recognised the remarkable pure Truth self-evident in these texts. This is in part due to being so informationally overwhelmed in our digital age, as well as being spiritually starved and confused for aeons. This is certain to change in the coming years as the ascension process rolls on and our reality continues to transform faster than at any past point in human history.

Science = Spirituality

The reason why Jesus did not explain the true nature of multidimensionality in terms of quantum physics, string theory and mitochondrial synthesis is because he did not have the terminology available in his individualised fields. This is a necessary prerequisite when espousing multidimensional messages though channelling or God-Source-Self embodiment, and means that modern channelings carry a much greater potential of detail and explanation in their transmissions.


Many of these our Modern Sacred Texts (especially An Ascension Handbook and all works by The Nine and Magenta Pixie) contribute towards bridging the current knowledge gap between science and spirituality through more technical, detailed, distilled, fractalized explanations of multidimensionality and the nature of all things and no-thing.

In the higher dimensions, science = spirituality, they are one and the same. We consider the adopted and accepted ‘religion’ of our era to be science. The world is currently very mentally, analytically, cerebrally and linearly focussed, and insists on science to prove everything before it can be accepted.

This lack of trust in what cannot be experienced with our five physical senses creates an enormous bottleneck in people being aware of and considering pursuing the path of divine truth and remembering Paradise on New Earth, Gaia, begins to be created by and for each one of us, as soon as we open to this path.

The more deeply the analytical mind can be engaged with, through more scientific and spiritual alignment, the more people will become aware of and be open to this true path, and more paradise will ensue. These modern sacred texts, by channeling the ultimate truth about the nature of our reality using terminology and theory from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, are contributing enormously to bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Once the value of these texts are recognised in academic scientific circles, the explosion in truth realisation for masses on the planet could be gigantic. It is part of the mission of LoveLight CommUnity to help blend and merge the fields of science and spirituality in ultimate pursuit of embodying Unity consciousness in our reality.

Energetic Intention

This quotation gives an explanation of how energetic intention works in channelled material:


“So the book you have in your hands consists of energy of a variety of frequencies ranging from those that make up subatomic particles to the larger waves that define paper size. And it also contains another frequency: mine. The ink is arranged in symbols (letters and words) used to convey my meaning, and these symbols have a characteristic frequency over and above that of the ink used. The processes by which my meanings are encoded in these symbols, and by which you decode them to extract my meaning, are phenomenally complex. You may dismiss it as “just reading,” but it would take an entire volume to even begin to describe this process, even if we had a language to express it. On top of that, the very high frequency associated with my function uses the opportunity of you sitting down to read this book to impart much more information into your fields than you consciously absorb from reading this book.”

Stubbs, Tony; Stubbs, Tony. Ascension Handbook: Channeled Material by Serapis . World Tree Press. Kindle Edition.

The quotation below explains the type of energetic activations possible from engaging in the act of reading such Sacred Texts:

“Within this book are several ‘transmission codes’ or ‘keycodes’ from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine. Embedded within the writings are ‘DNA activation codes’ (multiple codices) that will assist in memory, awakening and knowing. This memory awakening can take many forms including activations through dreamtime, the daydream and meditations. This may present as visions, feelings, images, impulses, intrinsic knowings, deep intuition, synchronicity and communication with the voice of the inner mind or clairaudient perception. This is expansive work as your memories are awakened and your DNA begins to reform and reshape in response to your energetic vibration as you read.”

Forward, The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame, Magenta Pixie and The Nine

Multidimensional Thinking

All Modern Sacred Texts are an education and training in non-linear, multidimensional thinking and processing. This involves the expansion from thinking linearly with our third dimensional (ego-ic) mind to thinking non-linearly. This is an evolution of our mental body, where we begin to activate and use the previously dormant 95% of our brain’s processing power. By increasing one’s understanding and embodiment of multidimensionality, one expands their consciousness in a myriad of magical ways. This is a fundamental aspect of spiritual evolution, ascension and enlightenment.