Do You Want the #1 Best Magic Pill Cheat Code for a Happy Life? [2022]

The Human Condition BS!


Most people are surviving through life more than thriving. Before my awakening, I epitomised a life of escapisms, distractions, and addictions, trying – unsuccessfully – to be happy, though denying my miserable failings.

 Many believe this is the inevitable human condition, that we are hard-wired to embody and act miserable patterns of behaviours in some Darwinian evolutionary pursuit.

 The truth, however, is that all human suffering comes from one source: the misunderstanding of who we are and why we are here.

We Are All ‘God’. We Have Just Forgotten.

Our unconscious shadow trauma is the source of all life’s misery, it being the buried forgotten aspect of ourselves that we treat with self-hate instead of self-love.

 “Heaven-on-Earth” arises for each of us when we fall in love with ourselves.

Create Heaven-on-Earth: Global Leaders Drink Ayahuasca

I once saw the Edinburgh born author and historian Graham Hancock talking on the Joe Rogan podcast. Hancock is a notorious ayahuasca retreat proponent, having famously had an inspiring TED talk on consciousness banned by the powers that be.

 On the podcast, Hancock shared his point of view, that if every politician drank ayahuasca ten times, our society would be transformed for the better and the world would become a vastly more conscious place. I whole-heartedly agree!

#1 Magic-Pill Cheat-Code For Dream-Life

If there were one, “cheat-code” or “magic-pill” for taking the elevator to “Heaven-on-Earth” and transforming a predominant global frequency from one of fear, to one of love, this is it.

 Yes of course this is an unrealistic pipe dream, though it serves to highlight the beneficial transformative potential of these magic plants.

 Why is ayahuasca so lovingly transformative? The answer is myriad, and analysed throughout this book, though in one word, it is “remembering”.

 Remembering of our divine nature, which of course, stems from forgetting that we are divine. This is the “original sin” the “first trauma” or “true human condition” from which all other unconscious shadow aspects and trauma derive from.

Consciously Win The Game-of-Life

As such, divine remembering is the panacea to all.  The “game of life” is to remember the truth that we are divinity incarnate, all powerful creators and infinitely loved at all times.

 As our higher frequency spirit selves, we created our reality to be convincing enough that the amnesia of our true-selves that we were born with, would continue during our life-times.

 We convinced our-selves that we were fickle, mortal humans for the game to work, so well, that we would not believe otherwise! So how then do we remember the truth of who we are and why we are here?

The Only Non-Shamanic Ayahuasca Retreat

Bliss Ayahuasca Retreats are the most direct, undeniable, and effective method that I have found to wake people up to remembering their spiritual selves and catalysing them forward on their destined life path.

 This work is a pioneering contribution to spiritual literature, with many insights and revelations covering previously unchartered territory on ayahuasca retreats and ascension[1].

 It further applies these discoveries to create a uniquely new ayahuasca retreat and ceremonial method resulting in more direct, accelerated, loving, and joyous spiritual evolution and remembering.

[1] See section “What Is Ascension” Part 1.

The Future of Ayahuasca Retreats

As with all aspects of life during these ascending times, ayahuasca retreats, teachings and techniques need a “love-&-light-shake-up”!

 In this book we examine a variety of traditional practises, offering high frequency alternatives in their place. Left unmodernised, these practises will act as a “bottleneck” to ayahuasca retreats future growth, effectiveness, and contribution to the expansion of global consciousness.

 It is our intent that the discoveries revealed in this work will contribute to a transformation in how ayahuasca is understood and approached across the world, and that the practise of these lighter teachings and techniques will, in turn, allow these magical plants to reach millions and billions of new souls in the years ahead.

 We hope to inspire people with the Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method, so that they may create their own flavour, teach others, and contribute to the consciousness and light expansion in this sacred sphere. In this way we intend to nurture the seeds for a CommUnity of New Earth spiritual teachers, guides, and contributors.

 We are tremendously excited about the new generation of ayahuasca retreat guides and spiritual teachers who will trailblaze their own path of love, light and truth.

Hello Dear Reader!

The sacred flow of synchronicity creates an energetic connection or “web” with this material whereby only those who are energetically aligned will create and attract this book into their reality. If you are reading this, then you are ready for the next stage of your spiritual growth.

 And so, we urge you to act, to act now, with gusto and verve! The spiritual path NEEDS to be experienced; this is the only way. Now is the era, the age, the time to “Walk-the-Walk”.

 Trust that you will be infinitely loved, supported, and guided every step of the way, for this is the truth!

 Trust that your courage to express your true self and trailblaze your own path will be rewarded with the truest treasure that you cannot now even fathom, for this is also the truth!

Bias Action Now! Explore. Adventure. Discover.

Be it with ayahuasca retreats, or in any other infinite way, the spiritual path is one of conscious, exploration, discovery, movement, action, and adventure.

 Now is the time you get to be the lead star in your own Hollywood blockbuster, with the entire universe gleefully watching, loving, and supporting you…it is an epic in the making!

 Godspeed, Beloveds!