Most of the information in this article is a White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine channeling by Magenta Pixie in her book, The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote.

The Schumann resonance is a continuous frequency (tone or beat) of our planet Earth, Gaia. It is an energetic pulse like a heartbeat. Out in the cosmos, if you could ‘hear’ planet Earth’s heartbeat, it would be a musical note, played in a beautifully sounding harmony with all the other planetary musical notes.

Humanity is collectively (both consciously and unconsciously) raising the frequency of the Schumann resonance.  As the collective frequency and light quotient of humanity increases then the Schumann resonance rises higher and higher in its frequency. 

Simultaneously, the Schumann resonance is activating humanity and, and humanity’s rise in consciousness is raising the Schumann resonance. This is happening in perfect synchronisation with one another. 

This does not necessarily show itself within scientific measurements or scale. The Schumann resonance may look to some as if it has not changed in hundreds of years, depending on technology used and interpretation of the mathematical measurements involved. Other technologies show clearly the increase in the Schumann resonance frequency, yet even these do not show completely accurately the measurements. 

The only technology to accurately record the Schumann resonance is the organic, crystalline activated technology within humans themselves. Although crystal dowsing can be most effective as can experimentation with salt water, magnets and compasses. 

We can feel when the Schumann resonance is peaking. There are spikes within the Schumann resonance that fluctuate in synergistic resonance and synchronisation with the collective consciousness of humanity.