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This is a tremendous transmission detailing the human spiritual evolution process from the perspective of our physical bodies transforming into lightbodies; that being the process of ascension or enlightenment. Although this process is non-linear and unique to each soul, Archangel Ariel breaks down the process into 12 stages to help our linear minds process the information more easily.

The real power of this book for us came in identifying many aspects within the lightbody process which we could deeply relate to in our own transformational experience.

Considering part of the path of spiritual expansion and integration includes surfacing of doubts, fears and uncertainty, it is very empowering and encouraging to read material which directly relates to your experience, to give confirmation and confidence to the decisions that you are making. This book is great for that.

An absolute ascension classic. The sections on Love, Truth and Power are completely paradigm shifting, as is the book in its entirety. 

The author, Tony Stubbs, was ‘chosen’ by the channelling spirit, Serapis Bey, due to his scientific knowledge, and therefore the scientific terminology he knew, that being accessible in his fields for Serapis to channel.

The result in the first half of this book is some of the most scientifically specific and detailed information available explaining how the true nature of reality works. Phenomenally splendid!

A beautiful masterpiece of creation! The entity Omni eloquently details the higher dimensional perspective of spirit on many huge topics such as religion, reincarnation and sexuality. 
The fundamental theme of the book is to espouse and explain about the universal laws governing our world, especially how we create our reality. The iconic phrase ‘you do not create some of your reality, you do not create most of your reality, you create all of your reality’ is one of our favorite lines of absolute truth.
A beautiful masterpiece of creation! The entity Omni eloquently details the higher dimensional perspective of spirit on many huge topics such as religion, reincarnation and sexuality.

Magenta Pixie and The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine (The Nine)

The following 5 books have all been written by Magenta, channeling The Nine. As explained in the opening section of her first published book, Masters of the Matrix, Magenta was trained by The Nine as a channel since she was a young child. Magenta incarnated with the latent skill set (from past lives) to be an exceptionally accurate channel for The Nine. This positive contribution to the global ascension process by this team is beyond colossal. 

All books contain energetic key-codes and activations, such that just reading the words, without even consciously processing the meaning, will result in great shifts forward on one’s path.

With all books having been published since October 2017, these are most current and directly relevant modern sacred texts available for our reality timeline.

Magenta’s first book published, it provides some awesome explanations on spiritual fundamentals, such as soul matrices, past-life contracts, ascension and an enormously important explanation of an emotional integration process which is the foundation of all spiritual growth.

As there is so much in this book, it is for the reader to be intuitively drawn to that which serves them most.

For us, this is the 70 pages chapter on twin flame consciousness. An amazing training in non-linear thinking in and of itself, the level of granularity on this famous subject is lightyears beyond any other written source I have seen.

This self-proclaimed modern sacred text certainly lives up to the proclamation…and then some!

59 chapters focussed on maximally serving all souls that choose the path of ascension. For us, this is by far the highest consciousness written material that exists on the planet. By that we mean, the most fractalized, detailed transmission on multidimensionality and ascension in existence that we are aware of.

An absolute authority on all aspects of optimising karma through nutrition as part of an ascension process. I love this book. It is perhaps more easily digestible than the others in terms of being easier to read. 

The introduction about karma is the clearest explanation on this often confused subject that we have ever seen, and probably again, that exists at this time. 

The section about the goddess Kali, is, in our opinion, the one set of pages in existence on this planet which would most effectively accelerate the spiritual evolution for the entire feminine collective.

Words are not simply enough to explain the potential impact of these teachings.

This shorter text provides marvellous clarity on the Schumann resonance, the heartbeat / frequency of our Mother Earth, Gaia, as well as much more.