This was truly a great experience! I booked the 2 day ceremony day and Leão send me a text for a call via Whatsapp we talked the dates through and it would be a one-one ceremony. By arrival we sat down and talk about our personal life and why I wanted this. It was a warming and welcoming situations both Leão and Lara are really good listeners. On the first day there was a lot of blockage in my mind but Leão and Lara knew some tricks to get out of it. On the second day I was a bit in doubt if I wanted another day, I was a bit scared. But I went through with it and what was it a beautiful day and a good decision I made! Also thanks to Leão, he really took the time to talk things through were he also told me it had to be mine decision. There was so much love and I could share everything I was thinking of, it really was a trusted and loving moment. Leão shared his perspective on things I shared and those tools I will take with me in my life. Both Leão and Lara asked me multiple times if I need anything from food, drinks or if I was okay and needed something. I was taken care of and I will never forget these days and the welcoming warm harts from Leão and Lara. Once more I want to thank Leão and Lara for there openness, for taking care of me and for teaching me all the spiritual world has to offer. Words can not describe how beautiful this experience was.