My self and my wife came down for a 1 day retreat. The only word that can describe the entire feeling while I was there is Blessed. Serapis and Leäo were wonderful hosts and guides through our first ceremony. Serapis sat with us throughout the process and answered my more technical questions to a stunning degree of clarity(which helped me immensely) Not only was it everything they promised through their website and from talking to them it was more. The peace and tranquility of their retreat is a perfect spot to reflect and heal. They have taken painstaking care to provide a warm Embracing environment. I’m not a deeply spiritual person but after this experience I have decided to continue looking at spiritual healing and personal growth through this and other processes. We showed up an hour earlier than our appointed time because we’re took a taxi to early. No one batted an eye they simply seemed grateful to have us and guide us through our experience. I cannot recommend this enough my only regret is that we didn’t get to meet Lara. We will absolutely be back next time we are in Tulum.