The word LoveLight was taught and inspired from chapter 9, Bliss Charged Love, in the book, Masters of the Matrix, written by Magenta Pixie, channelling the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine. Below is an extract from this chapter and chapter 10, Ascension.

‘We come to the subject now of moving into the Zero Point field and becoming masters of the matrix. We have shown you how emotional integration is a powerful tool in creating the aligned frequencies within your matrix field. What frequencies exactly do they align with? We speak here of the frequencies known as love and light. We refer to these frequencies as ‘lovelight’ and ‘lightlove’. 

Within your spiritual teaching field the phrase ‘love and light’ has become most popular. Yet it is misunderstood by many. There are those who reject the phrase of love and light for they see this phrase as having no substance, no meaning. They see this phrase as a sign that the person using the phrase is ungrounded in reality, and this may be so in all truth. 

Yet ‘lovelight’ and ‘lightlove’ are geometric codes. The phrase ‘love and light’ creates a geometric code that fires directly into the matrix field creating an instant clearing or upgrade. Lovelight and lightlove are very high geometric frequencies linking into the golden frequency, which is known as the ‘golden mean’ or ‘golden equation’, also known as ‘the Fibonacci sequence’. It is the mathematical equation of creation itself.

Lovelight and lightlove are frequency codes for the ‘Golden Mean’ inner resonance.  The emotional mirror to this is bliss. Lovelight is the emotion of bliss combined with the infinite intelligence of the universe.  Lightlove are the frequency codes of awareness and intelligence that combine with the emotion of bliss.  Both of these equations lead to that which we call ‘bliss charged love’. Yet one needs both lovelight and lightlove in order to move into the Zero Point field.  The frequency of lovelight and lightlove is fired into the matrix field through your blending, merging and balancing of these frequencies. Lovelight and lightlove are very similar frequencies when experienced by physically incarnated humans.  They are ‘two sides of the same coin’ if you will.

Both create a ‘bliss charged love’ activation, yet lovelight alone and lightlove alone are not enough to move one into the matrix field and become masters of the matrix.  One must have both, blended, merged and balanced. The emotional feelings of lovelight and lightlove are so similar, even the highly sensitive ones find it most challenging to hold these frequencies long enough to appreciate a difference between them.  Yet here, we will present to you emotional triggers through visualisation of the imagination fields of hyperspace in order to assist you in feeling, integrating and firing the lovelight and lightlove geometric codes into your matrix fields. Lovelight holds love as its foremost emotion.