We’re the Future BluePrint of Ayahuasca Retreats, but…

Are We Right For You?

We’re The #1 Choice For…

  1.  1st Timers Desiring The Best Private & Personal Care?
  2. Forward Thinkers Open to New Ideas & Super-Effective Modern Methods
  3. Daytime & Private, We’re the 1st Fully Non-Shamanic Ayahuasca Retreat
  4. People Finally Ready to Live a Happy Life NOW!

What We Are Not

  1. No Shamanic Dogma & Doctrine
  2. No Night-Time Ceremonies
  3. No Large Public Groups 
  4. No Outdated Teachings, Tools & Techniques

How’re The Results?

Our Guests Results are by far the most effective, joyful, rapid, loving and smooth, of any ayahuasca retreat on the planet, plus – perhaps most remarkably – we’re getting complete consistency in all these amazing mood-metrics with Every Guest because our Method (book, blog, us…everything) is the REAL DEAL – Engage with our material, give us a call and find out for yourself.

  1. RELIABILITY: Consistently Smooth, Calm, Happy, Loving, Positive, Empowering Experiences. This is an absolute Miracle Achievement unique on the planet.
  2. MENTAL CLARITY: 100% Guests experience Crystal Clear Clarity on their Big Life Questions and Leave “more fired up than ever before” to quote our Guest Roald 
  3. PHYSICAL MIRACLES: – Ultimate Master Healers – Miracle Track Record – Heal Everything. In our first two months of the center opening we healed two apparently “incurable” diseases, completely transforming Shalom’s and Mel’s lives. A lifelong case of shaky leg and body syndrome was healed in 2 bliss ayahuasca ceremonies, and the deadly parasitic body eating disease, leaich-maniasis, was healed over a longer course of therapy. THIS METHOD CAN HEAL EVERYTHING – CALL US TO DISCUSS!
  4. TRAUMA INTEGRATION EXPERTS – #1 Global Emotional Integration Process
  5. SMOOTH SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – Consistent, Light, and Joyous, and most profound and connected experience of life.

High-Level Summary

Lara & Leão are founders of the Revolutionary Retreat Centre, Bliss-Eden, in Tulum-Mexico.

Their Pioneering Bliss-Method is the world’s most effective solution for HAPPY LIVING.

They’ve been applying their New-World-Approach & Miracle-Formula for Growth, Healing, & Awakening to over 100 souls, with profound and remarkable effects, since September 2021.

Guests have cured scientifically recognised “incurable” physical conditions including shaky leg / body syndrome and the deadly-decaying-disease, leaich-maniasis. Their process is holistic, meaning they specialise in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing & expansion.

  1. PROVEN-METHOD: They have an Amazingly Consistent & Proven Track Record and Unique Methodology Explained in their Free to Download eBook, “BLISS: Catalysing-&-Creating Heaven-on-Earth” – https://blisseden.love/download-ebook/ 
  2. EXPERT-GUIDES: Lara’s & Leão’s Loving and Expert Guidance is Available Before, During and After Your Retreat
  3. BLISS-CEREMONIES: Their High-Frequency Bliss Ceremonies “OverFloweth with LoveLight & Joy” when assisted by Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, San Pedro, Bufo, or Meditation
  4. BLISS-EDEN: The healing-&-expansion ceremonies have created a New-Earth 5D-Gaia frequency at our Centre, Bliss Eden. This ambience feels like a serene and joyous magical portal when stepping into our garden. Our 5D home and lifestyle are Lemuria-inspired and Avatar- esque.

What’s Special About This Retreat?

Our Guests consistently transform themselves and their lives in more profound and positive ways than they ever could have previously imagined!

Now is your time to experience & embody more love, light, truth, freedom, healing, empowerment, bliss, authenticity, and sovereignty.

Application of our revolutionary healing & expansion formula, moulded tailor-made to each unique guest, provides astounding results, every time.


  • SOLUTION: Pioneering Bliss-Method is the world’s most effective solution for happy living.
  • PRIVATE: Host Private Singles or Groups, one at a time
  • BESPOKE: Very flexible, permanently open dates, personalised experiences and events.
  • GUIDES: Guided by New-World Self-Realised Bliss-Beings, not Old-World Lineage-Shamans.
  • HAPPINESS: It works by a Holistic Healing & Expansion Process – see below & our book.
  • PRE-READING: Our book “BLISS” is Guests’ pre-reading: Kindle $1, Hard-Copy, Free PDF

Cutting-Edge Tools, Teachings, & Technologies

  • BLISS-CEREMONY: Ayahuasca / Psilocybin Mushrooms / San Pedro / Bufo Alvarius
  • GUIDED-READING: Aligned with Retreat Intentions: the Modern Sacred Texts – the Highest Consciousness Written Material in Existence at this time – https://blisseden.love/divine-reading-list/  
  • OPEN-HEARTS: 1-on-1 Guidance & Therapy Meetings / Cacao Ceremonies
  • GUIDANCE: Sharing & Integration Sessions; Meditations; Intention Setting & Writing
  • INTEGRATION: Beach, Cenotes – Swimmable Water-Caves: Healing Classes Tulum
  • NUTRITION: Advanced Spiritual Nutrition & Fasting Support
  • KINDLES: For reading during the retreat, kindles are given out with all 10 books from their Divine Reading List downloaded. This is a great high-frequency, accelerated- integration and FunJoy activity choice for the retreat.

Our BreakThrough Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Methodology

Forgotten and unconscious “past-life problems” (accumulated negative karma and trauma) are by far the greatest source of disharmony, dissatisfaction, and discontent in our lives.

Most healing modalities and retreats do not understand nor include this multi-dimensional healing.

As part of the “Game-of-Life”, we incarnate with amnesia of our true spiritual selves, including forgetting the true past-life seed causes and root origins of the negative patterns of thinking, feeling, behavior, health, and circumstance we repeatedly experience throughout our lives.

The complex convergence of all past-life trauma is brought forth energetically and unconsciously into this incarnation.

Humans repeat the same cycles and patterns throughout their lives, seemingly helpless to find the lasting love, light, and truth that their hearts desire.

Our retreat offers a true and lasting solution.

We encourage guests to follow one of our central teachings, that “JOY IS THE NEW TEACHER!”, and to have as much Fun and Joy during their Tulum Journey as possible.

The more JOY & FUN you have, the faster your healing and growth will unfold.

Our Accelerated Approaches to Multidimensional Healing and Consciousness Expansion include:

  1. Joy is the New Teacher
  2. BreakThrough Ceremony Methodology: Meditative, Guided or Assisted (optional)
  3. Books: Modern Multidimensional Sacred Texts
  4. Twin-Flames: Romantic Love as Spiritual Catalyst
  5. Service-to-Others: Divine Purpose Driven LifeStyle, Spiritual Entrepreneurship
  6. Nutrition: Optimised Detoxification, Purification, and Fasting Guidance

What’s Different About Our Ayahuasca Ceremonies?

Through Divine Revelations & a Lot of Hard Work, we have created a New Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Methodology, which has nothing to do with shamanism. Unlike all other ayahuasca retreats in the world, our ayahuasca ceremonies are not based upon any shamanic rules, codes, dogmas, or doctrines.

The key differences of the Bliss Approach include:

1) OPTIMISE BLISS: We Optimise & Maximise Bliss, Love, & Light frequencies in all ways possible.

2) APPLY MODERN KNOWLEDGE: We apply our trailblazing “Spiritual Growth Framework” replacing outdated mass-believed spiritual teachings with higher dimensional truths from the modern multidimensional sacred texts, which are quite clearly the highest consciousness written material in existence at this time. We have a divein reading list of 10 books which we give to Guests on kindle when they arrive.

3) SUPER-HEALING-POWERS: Our multidimensional guiding abilities: channelling, healing, and catalysing. These are explained in more detail in the ayahuasca blog and book.

During ayahuasca ceremony our unique healing gifts are amplified consciously and unconsciously (aligned with our destined blueprints) to help our retreat Guests.

The more we serve Guests in ceremony, the more our Energy Field capacity to process huge volumes of their low-frequency trauma increases. This is how our healing powers work. Just by us all drinking ayahuasca together, this amplifies our healing super power, people have blockbuster results every time, and it’s only becoming even more consistent, happier, and powerful as time goes on.

Our energy, and the Universal Bliss Energy that we channel during ayahuasca ceremony, helps transform the unconscious shadow trauma and blockages of ceremony participants into Pure Light, thus creating Flow & Expansion. This Divine assistance makes the experiences of our Ceremony Guests exponentially more Joy-Full and Bliss-Full than in other ayahuasca retreats following outdated descenion principles.

Ascension vs Descension 

Descension Methods: Traditional Shamanic practises are a product of the lower frequency descension era whence they were created, making them more fearful, confusing, and evolutionarily limiting than necessary: night-time ceremonies, low-frequency intensifying sounds and music; fear inducing masks; shaman shadow trauma projection and absorption.

Ascension Methods: peak daylight hours; only high frequency supportive sound: open-air, jungle ceremonial space: high frequency energetic anchoring, stabilisation, and intention setting methods; preparatory multidimensional teaching and guidance; full shadow integrated guides and personalised, measured dosing system. As guides, we channel Christ Consciousness Source energy which aids the healing and integration process for ceremony participants; as spiritual catalysts, our energetic signatures ignite the “cosmic phire of divine remembering” in others, that being, their destined purpose and who they truly are.

How Do Our Results Compare to Shamanic?

Compared to traditional Shamanic ayahuasca ceremony and retreat outcomes, Bliss Eden’s high frequency Bliss Ayahuasca Retreat Method results in much:

1) Clearer and Calmer Experiences

2) More Direct Divine Remembering & Permanently Embodied Expansions of Consciousness

3) Accelerated Trauma Integration

4) More Joyous Spiritual Journey

Our Specialities Include

  1. Deep & Permanent Healing: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Physical
  2. Permanently Stopping Toxic Medication & Habits
  3. Forever Curing Depression, Anxiety, Negative Habits
  4. Miracle physical healing
  5. Spiritual Truth & Epiphany
  6. Consciousness Expansion
  7. Light-Body & Bliss-Body Activation
  8. Past-Life Remembering
  9. Couples, Soulmates & Twin-Flames Union
  10. Twin-Flame Lovers Manifestation
  11. Divine Realisation of True-Spirit Selves
  12. Sacred Remembering of Divine Purpose & Mission


As Destined Twin-Flames & Physically Incarnate Embodiments of Christ Consciousness, we have Activated our Royal Lyran Starseed Feline DNA and are now CATalysts to the Divine Remembering in Other Souls (Who They Truly Are and Their Destined Life Purpose) and Catalysts to Creating Heaven on Earth: the Global & Collective Ascension Process.

As Energetic Bliss-Keys, we have incarnated in this Uniquely Auspicious Era, to Anchor the Emotion-of-Bliss, the Key-to-Ascension, as Self-Realised Bliss-Beings, and to Activate the Bliss-Keys in Other Souls.



The emotion of Bliss is the “Cheat-Code” (Fibonacci-Sequence Equation & Frequency) for Accelerated Growth and Happiness.

Bliss is Our Truest-Source-Essence.