“Create Your Own Bespoke BLISS-Day at our Heavenly Home, Bliss-Eden, Tulum-Mexico,
with us, the Bliss Family.”

Your BLISS-DAY Includes:

Personalised Experience:

We Craft the BLISS-DAY Experience to Your Needs & Desires, Create Your Own Magical-Adventure With Us, or Ask Us to Design One Uniquely for You…

Bliss Ceremony:

Our Unique Bliss-Ceremony Methodology Creates a Joyful,
Positive Experience, Full of Love, Light & Spiritual Growth


Our Private Paradise Home:
– Jungle Garden Villa
– Heart Cenote Pool
– Private 4P Bedroom

Bliss Cacao:

InterWeave Cacao Drinking, Heart-Warming & Ceremony into your Bespoke BlissDay Tapestry

Bliss Yoga:

Enjoy Yoga Classes given by Loving Yogi’s in our Beautiful Jungle Haven

Bliss Fiesta:

Have a Relaxed Fun Fiesta by the PrivateHeart-Cenote-Pool, Talking, Eating, Dancing, with Mini-Doses of Psilocybin Mushrooms or Other Fun Natural Plants

Bliss Sound & Dance:

EnJoy Tulum’s Best Sound- Healers & Ecstatic-Dancers, InterWoven into Your Perfect Day Tapestry

Bliss Banquet:

Pick from our range of Professional Chefs & Menus to EnJoy a Day of Delicious Culinary Creations

Animal Spirit Guidance:

Our Extremely Friendly Pet-Babies, Puppy-Light & Kitten-Amor, Act as Spiritual Guides, Emotional Support, and CATalysts for FunJoy-Loving Spiritual Growth.

1-BLISS-DAY @BlissEden


Mix-n-Match from the Range-of-Activities below to Create your Unique Bliss-Day. The Bliss-Day is a Co-Creation between us, so please include any “Off-Menu” suggestions to us, for your Unique Bliss-Day, on the 


 1. Bliss-Ceremony Full-Day: (1) Plant Spirit Medicine: Ayahuasca / Mushrooms / San Pedro (2) Guided Meditation
2. Bliss-Ceremony Half-Day: (1) Plant Spirit Medicine – Mini-Dose: Ayahuasca / Mushrooms / San Pedro (2) Guided Meditation
3. Bliss-Sound (Healing)
4. Bliss-Dance (Action)
5. Bliss-Yoga (Balanced)
6. Bliss-Cacao (Heart-Warming)
7. Bliss-Banquet (Joy-Talking)
8. Bliss-Fiesta (Fun-Party, Private-Cenote-Heart-Pool)


11am Greetings & Hugs
11-12pm Heart Opening Discussion with Cacao
12pm Mini-Dose FunJoy Mushroom-Ceremony Start
1pm Bliss-Banquet-BBQ Lunch
2-5pm Bliss-Sound-Reiki Healing with Relaxed-Pool-Vibes
5pm Gratitude & Goodbye

Based on the consistently transformational results of our Guests, the most accelerated growth experience that we offer is our Bliss-Ceremony with the Mother-Earth Plant, Ayahuasca.

Introducing these medicinal spirit plants into our own regular lifestyle has been one of the greatest catalysts to our own growth. We are pioneers of self-medicating with mini-doses of plant spirit medicines, which we also train & teach others.

Please download our free EBook, “BLISS” here to learn more about our Pioneering New World Approach to Spiritual Growth with Plant Spirit Medicine –

Another Bliss-Day could be a mini-dose of “Fun-Guy” Psilocybin-Mushrooms with Joy Intention, Heart-Warming with a Cacao-Ceremony, Sound-&-Reiki Healing, before enjoying an afternoon of Bliss-BBQ & Pool-Party.

A different Bliss-Day could involve talking, eating, and relaxing. As we, Lara & Leão, are Self-Realised Bliss-Anchors, Keys & Catalysts, any experience with us, Is an Activation & Catalyst for You, into living a more Bliss-Full life, as a more Bliss-Full version of your-Self: your unique Dream-Life and Best-Future-Self.

Whichever Bliss-Day you Create, you will Receive your Energetic Bliss-Key Activation, Walking Your Dream Life of Destiny in More Alignment than Ever Before!

Guest Reviews

Google Reviews

Tobi F.
Tobi F.
I came to this resort to learn more about different psychedelics/plant medicines by means of personal experience and how they can be used to help and benefit people. Throughout four individual sessions I got exactly what I needed – even though I was not fully aware of all of these things when I came here. So, what are my key take-aways? First of all, I got a full cascade of valuable insights and creative ideas for making progress with a conceptual problem related to career – I’m training to become a psychotherapist and want to help people find meaning in their lives – as well as my personal life (as I’ve been struggling with nihilistic doubts and a sense of meaninglessness in my own past). Second, I got an incredibly strong affirmation for the direction of my career life – I’m absolutely convinced that becoming and working as a psychotherapist is what I’m meant to do and that I will find sustaining meaning, profound joy and genuine fulfilment in that endeavour. Having this certainty is something I’m immensely grateful for as it constitutes a very important existential foundation that definitely keeps nihilistic doubts at bay and gives me a very powerful motivation continue my studies and training and also look out for other opportunities to learn more about mental health. Another thing that was revealed to me in one of the ceremonies was that I tend to overthink things and try to plan and schedule everything too tightly sometimes. I realized that as long as I can manage to keep my priorities straight, be responsible and life in adherence to my true values, I don’t need to do all of that but can instead more often simply trust my intuition to guide me – it will give me the right words and make me do the right things in any situation. This was such a freeing realization! Additionally, a sense of wonder and fascination for the all the mysteries and miracles that are part of being alive was rekindled inside me. I feel such so much gratitude and joy to have been granted this gift of Being, of this wonderful life with all its ups and downs, and the gift of having incredible parents that truly love me and want my best. Also, I’m very excited about all the things that are going to come and that I can participate in to make this world better. Even though I experienced how small and tiny I am in comparison to the endless mysteries of reality and the vastness of the cosmos, I still was left with the definite sense that I have to play my tiny but nonetheless important role in this grand cosmic scheme to the very best of my capability and continually strive to be a better person than I was yesterday. Lastly, I got a very cool idea for an image that symbolizes all my personal learnings from these invaluable experiences and that will serve to remind me of who I could be, who I want to be. These four experiences I had here in this beautiful place in the Mexican jungle – with the support/guidance of the two amazing, warm and genuine human beings Lara & Leão – have been of incalculable personal value to me – truly priceless. I will never forget them and try my best to properly embody and enact what I learned.
Mike Scott (DeliriousDoughnut)
Mike Scott (DeliriousDoughnut)
I had a wonderful mushroom experience with Leao and Lara. They are very caring people and super knowledgeable. Beautiful retreat, great vibes, and a healing environment. Thanks guys!
I felt very comfortable being guided by Leao and Lara. I am very happy and grateful for my Ayahuasca experience
Anny kery
Anny kery
Leo y Lara con el perrito súper especial Light y su gatito son increíbles, el ambiente es único y la satisfacción de retirar relajado y descargado son reales 😊gracias por una tarde increíble!!!
Melissa Franck
Melissa Franck
n late January 2022, I had two ayahuasca experiences at LoveLight community. Really, I could not have wished for better and more caring guidance. The first contact was through the app but soon Leao called personally to talk things through. That gave me the confidence to embark on the journey. The house and garden of the community is beautiful, there is a pool, a shower and a toilet. It was nice to have some comfort after the experience. Leao is very careful with the dose of ayahuasca and I never felt unsafe. After the first ceremony I really felt reborn, lighter and more happy. But I still had a lot to clean up and decided to do a second one a few days later. This one was a lot heavier, but I was very well guided by Lara, Leao and Shalom. They literally and figuratively got me through the toughest part. Their guidance with the mantras, breathing and physical support was really very valuable to me. One week later, I feel like a different person, I feel more mindful and at peace. Before the ceremony I had set the intention to feel less shy and insecure and it certainly feels that way. Thank you so much, it really changed my life.
Rainer R
Rainer R
I am writing today with a great perspective I feel over my life. It has been a couple of months after my experience with this healing retreat. Since one year ago I dived deeper into the world of holistic therapies. I started exploring healing journeys and inner work with plant medicines. My experience with Leão and Lara and Shalom has been the highlight of my journey and the best experience! And next to it, I found also friendship with them, that is very special. The experience we had - Is inspiring and following with me also today. I feel the experiences have changed my life into a course, I dreamed myself seeing in. The confidence built in me - deepening, seeing into my force, and having this powerful feeling with me till today, I am working today towards my dreams and turning them into a reality. I enjoyed every bit of the connection and interaction I found with these dear people, the energy they bring to me and other fellow travelers, meeting and sharing the experiences! You know they do it with passion and heart and want to share and be there for me as much as possible! And wonderful healthy food, that was super personalized and taken into account our every dietary background. Very beautiful surroundings and jungle with birds singing. A pool with cenote water where we swam and did water therapy The focus of these wonderful people is very sincere and open towards me! I am looking so much forward to our reconnection and coming back soon! Warm Greetings!
White Paeony
White Paeony
I had a wonderful time at Love Light Community. I went there for a 2-day ceremony but ended up staying for a month. This place is magical and the people make you feel at home. I also feel like the ceremonies helped me a lot with my healing journey. Very thankful for the time I spent there. I hope to come back soon 🌸✨🌈
Jonatan Fursäter
Jonatan Fursäter
This retreat is magical place, with so much universal synchronization and love. I ended up staying here for a month longer then I expected and loved every bit of it. I hope that I can come back soon to continue to explore the inner self and the 5th dimension. This place have given me so much and now I feel like I'm a part of the love light community. 💛💛💛💛💛
Nana Gyesie
Nana Gyesie
I was in Tulum to recalibrate my soul after some deep personal changes that happened in my life. Note that I had already spent quite a bit of time on my spiritual journey using yoga and meditation as tools for transformation. When I got I got in touch with Leão, he was very responsive, kind, and human. This is not a business but a mission for deep soul transformation. I had a deep transformative experience with Leao as the high priest of the ceremony. I left feeling like I found a missing part of my soul. I am proud to be an extended part of this community. LLC is doing Pachamama’s work!!

Joy is the new teacher!


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