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The Definition of Bliss: Perfect Happiness.

What we Offer You


We focus on powerfully enjoyable transformation, no matter how buried or difficult the trauma


Purity of Intention and Heart is the Key to everything. We offer our services with great Love & Care 

Trauma Healing

Disease, Death, Sexual Abuse, Heartbreak, Past Life Trauma – we healed it all. We can relate to you and help with Love & Compassion

Ayahuasca Pioneers

We have earned the title of Ayahuasca Pioneers & Experts through 100s of positively life-shifting journeys


We have found our lives’ purpose. We gave up everything to GIVE YOU everything

New World Method

We learned from the honorable yet outdated shamanic practices and developed our own, much better plant-medicine healing methodology

The Bliss Method

Blissful Healing & Powerful Transformations guaranteed. Every time!

DayTime 🌞 Ceremonies

Our Revolutionary Daytime Bliss Method guarantees an amazingly enjoyable experience, amplifying Light, diminishing Shadows

Lasting Bliss

We ensure that your experience is relatable and applicable to your entire life

The Bliss Method® explained

What makes us unique and the #1 Plant Medicine Healing Methodology on Planet Earth right now

Read more on The Bliss Method, Ayahuasca, Ascension and much more in Leão’s Book ‘Bliss Ayahuasca’.


‘ This was the most significant experience of my life ‘

Aleana, Entrepreneur

‘Amazing experience!! Can’t even describe it in words ‘

Marvin, Businessman

‘The only word that can describe the entire feeling while I was there is Blessed’

Nathan, Firefighter

Based on 22 reviews
Bonboru Ohana
Bonboru Ohana
December 29, 2022.
My wife and I had an amazing experience with Leao and Dominic at the Bliss Eden Retreat Center on Christmas Day! Leao and Dominic were kind enough to make time for us, even on this important day - this meant a lot to us.This was our first experience with Ayahuasca together, and we were honestly a bit nervous and worried about safety. Looking back at it, we had nothing to worry about at all!Leao and Dominic did a great job of listening to us, understanding us, and helping guide us through the whole experience. They ensured that we had a safe, comfortable experience - and they were there to support us throughout the entire day.We loved the way Leao and Dominic compliment each other, and we felt that their energy working together was incredibly powerful and positive.The discussion we had with them before the ceremony really helped us have clear intentions going into the experience. It was also super helpful to hear some of their stories personally to get to know their personal journies better.I had done Ayahuasca before, without my wife, in Peru - and this was a very different experience. Leao, Lara, and Dominic have really created something amazing with their daytime ceremonies, in a comfortable, clean environment. I would highly recommend Bliss Eden to anyone who is curious, and I would definitely suggest starting with Bliss Eden before trying the more traditional ceremonies in Peru - which can also be incredibly powerful, but a bit scary and disorienting also.Thank you so much Leao and Dominic. We really appreciate you.B&MAlso, we highly recommend Daniel the taxi driver (ask Leao for his contact info)! He is the best and drove us around Tulum as well as to Cancun airport.
Nathan M
Nathan M
December 19, 2022.
My self and my wife came down for a 1 day retreat. The only word that can describe the entire feeling while I was there is Blessed. Dominic and Leäo were wonderful hosts and guides through our first ceremony. Dominic sat with us throughout the process and answered my more technical questions to a stunning degree of clarity(which helped me immensely) Not only was it everything they promised through their website and from talking to them it was more. The peace and tranquility of their retreat is a perfect spot to reflect and heal. They have taken painstaking care to provide a warm Embracing environment. I’m not a deeply spiritual person but after this experience I have decided to continue looking at spiritual healing and personal growth through this and other processes. We showed up an hour earlier than our appointed time because we’re took a taxi to early. No one batted an eye they simply seemed grateful to have us and guide us through our experience. I cannot recommend this enough my only regret is that we didn’t get to meet Lara. We will absolutely be back next time we are in Tulum.
Sonja Murray
Sonja Murray
December 10, 2022.
Leão lead us through a beautiful ceremony. He explained every step of the way as it was our first experience, and we felt safe and supported the whole time. The space was quiet and comfortable, and everything was exactly as described. We look forward to another visit in the future. If you are at all hesitant about your first ceremony, Leão is the the perfect guide.
Ariana O'Neill
Ariana O'Neill
December 7, 2022.
I have been researching options for ayahuasca retreats for some time before my intention lead me to connect with Leão. Immediately I felt very strong connection and trust, and liked his approach for a light and private ceremony. That all led to me and my friend attending one. The whole experience and feeling cannot be described by the words. Leão and Lara are one lovely, very positive and caring couple. The jungle surrounding on the property, the music Lara played, plus they constant presence and care intensified the experience to another level. Having a private room and bathroom was very important. It was just and amazing day filled with positive energy and love that still lasts and it will never be forgotten. I will be coming back to Lara and Leão, this is just the beginning of my ayahuasca journey💜
November 19, 2022.
''This place is Shwaïpf approved''Leão and Lara are the spiritual guides of Shwaïpf they have warming harts, and the best intention for the world and all that life's on it and beyond.Thanks for guiding the Shwaïpf in the world of spirituality.
Reint Tiggelaar
Reint Tiggelaar
November 19, 2022.
This was truly a great experience! I booked the 2 day ceremony day and Leão send me a text for a call via Whatsapp we talked the dates through and it would be a one-one ceremony.By arrival we sat down and talk about our personal life and why I wanted this. It was a warming and welcoming situations both Leão and Lara are really good listeners.On the first day there was a lot of blockage in my mind but Leão and Lara knew some tricks to get out of it. On the second day I was a bit in doubt if I wanted another day, I was a bit scared. But I went through with it and what was it a beautiful day and a good decision I made! Also thanks to Leão, he really took the time to talk things through were he also told me it had to be mine decision. There was so much love and I could share everything I was thinking of, it really was a trusted and loving moment. Leão shared his perspective on things I shared and those tools I will take with me in my life. Both Leão and Lara asked me multiple times if I need anything from food, drinks or if I was okay and needed something. I was taken care of and I will never forget these days and the welcoming warm harts from Leão and Lara.Once more I want to thank Leão and Lara for there openness, for taking care of me and for teaching me all the spiritual world has to offer. Words can not describe how beautiful this experience was.
Dominik Grüneberg
Dominik Grüneberg
November 10, 2022.
Lara & Leao have created an amazing Healing Center that truly deserves the name.Having had the pleasure & honor to stay with them for 3 1/2 weeks this summer, I have been able to change and overcome beliefs that have been 4 years in the making.As it has always been an ongoing process of ascending shifts in consciousness, I sometimes still feel the effects of my very deep journeys and experiences here.Needless to say: The change that happened has been profoundly positive and only helped me do my Lightwork better here on Earth.Thank you from my Heart❤️🙏🌟
Kaveh Emadi
Kaveh Emadi
October 29, 2022.
My wife and I had such special time there; Leão and Lara took good care of us. very knowledgeable and humble couple. I’m grateful for being able to experience the Ayahuasca; loved the setting and the atmosphere there. I’m still thinking about my experience and will never forget it.
Sheida Varshabi
Sheida Varshabi
October 29, 2022.
Leão and Lara are very kind and caring which makes the whole experience a lot easier and enjoyable. Their place is magical and they did a great job to create an atmosphere where you can zone out and deeply connect. This was our first time trying ayahuasca and it couldn’t be any better. Thank you so much for all your kindness and support, we’ll definitely come back for more magical experiences. 💛💙

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